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Aug. 4th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - August 4, 2019

The blurb:

"How to solve a difficult crossword puzzle.

Start by filling in all you can. And then, when you get stuck, just start filling in the empty spaces with the letters CCR, each time followed by a little heart. If that gets monotonous you can write in the name of that boy you got a crush on, “Chad” for example, followed by a little heart. You could even use the C of horizontal Chad as one of the C’s of vertical CCR. Before you know it, every blank will be filled in. For example…"

1. Herbie Nichols – Lady Sings the Blues
2. John Mellencamp – Baltimore Oriole
3. Machito – Mambo, Pt. 1
4. Gne Ammons – A House is not a Home
5. The Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend
6. Bill Charlap – Not a Care in the World
7. Matt Wilson – We Must be Polite
8. B.B. King – Hully Gully Twist
9. Dave Douglas – November
10. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Get Up, Stand Up
11. Count Basie & Lester Young – Indiana
12. Faron Young – Country Girl
13. Nick Lowe – Somebody Cares for Me
14. Adriana Calconhotto – Cantada (depois de ter voce)
15. Link Wray – Jack the Ripper
16. The Mills Brothers w/ Bing Crosby – Lazy River
17. Bruce Springsteen – Hello Sunshine
18. Jone Henderson Lotus Blossom
19. Spike Jones – St-St-St Stella
20. Ketama – Vente pa’ Madrid
21. Claude Thornhill – Sometimes I’m Happy
22. Django Reinhardt – Undecided
23. Moondog – Moondog’s Theme
24. Dizzy Gillespie & Stan Getz – Girl of my Dreams
25. Shelia Jrdan – Baltimore Oriole
26. Sun Ra – Enlightenment
27. John Kirby & his Onyx Club Boys – Coquette
28. Avishai Cohen – Continuo
29. Jean Shepherd – Many Happy Hangovers to You
30. The Coasters – Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart
31. Herbie Hancock – Theives in the Temple

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 at 90.5 FM and streaming at wwcufm.com

Jul. 28th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - July 28, 2019

The blurb:

"Antonio Machado writes in what is probably his most famous poem,

Caminante, no hay camino,
el camino se hace al andar.

(Traveler, there is no path,
The path is made by walking.)

I struggled a moment translating this. 'Caminante' is literally 'one who walks.' A translation I found on-line used 'wayfarer,' which is more accurate perhaps, but who says 'wayfarer'? The sentiment of this poem is more-or-less akin to the old adage that the journey itself is the thing, rather than the destination. But if that is the case, why walk? Swing low, sweet Cadillac, and let’s roll. But lacking a Cadillac – a Cadillac lack – the next best thing is a Catamountcommuntyradiomobile. This car has climate control (Saharan desert, tropical rainforest, bracing North Sea breeze) it has power windows, power brakes, power steering and a powerful motor under the hood. It goes zero to sixty minutes in half an hour (or less, downhill) and comes in both English and Metric. So tune in Sunday morning at 10:00 and we’ll turn you into a passive automaton … I mean ... you can take this baby for a test drive! Catamount Community Radio, at 90.5 on the FM dial and streaming right into the stereophonic speakers of your gleaming new automobile at wwcufm.com."

Mary Ellen and Jim Dandy tie in the Cover Contest for the third straight week.

1. What's the title and who is the guitarist?

a) "Brazil"
b) Django Reinhardt

2. Marcus Miller plays what and by whom?

a) "Higher Ground"
b) Stevie Wonder

3. Herbie Mann plays a tune. What's the title and who had a hit with it?

a) "I Won't Last a Day without You"
b) The Carpenters

4. What's the title, who is playing it on the guitar, and which group (the most prominent one) had a hit with it?

a) "Goin' out of my Head"
b) Bill Frisell
c) Little Anthony and the Imperials


1. Doctor Rockit – Male James Bonding
2. Mulatu Astatke & the Heliocentrics – Cha Cha
3. Sir Douglas Quintet – Song of Everything
4. Ben Allison – Man Size Safe
5. Abdullah Ibrahim – Meditation /Mummy
6. Django Reinhardt – Brazil
7. Cassandra Wilson – I’ll be Seeing You
8. Barney Bigard – Lull at Dawn
9. K.C. & the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes
10. Marcus Miller – Higher Ground
11. Julian Lage – Love Hurts
12. Frank Sinatra & Slim Gaillard Trio – Cement Mixer
13. Aaron Goldberg – Yoyo
14. Nick Lowe – Blue on Blue
15. Christian McBride Big Band – Thermo
16. Dionne Warwick – I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
17. Alan Pasqua – Turn out the Stars
18. Herbie Mann – I Won’t Last a Day without You
19. Tinariwen – Chet Boghassa
20. Duke Ellington – Blue Serge
21. The Neville Brothers – Voo Doo
22. Esbjörn Svensson – Did They Ever Tell Costeau?
23. Bill Frisell – Goin’ out of my Head
24. The Ravens – Ol’ Man River
25. Colin Hay – Waiting for my Real Life to Begin
26. Orchestre Mode Suces – Diffamation ya Nini

Jul. 23rd, 2019


Mind Entaglements

When I’m lying in bed trying to get to sleep, or climbing a big hill on my bicycle, or taking a shower, I play little mental games, which I have dubbed “mind entanglements.” As human beings we live in time. In fact, not to get deep on you or anything, what is art … music, literature … but a way of dealing with time? I have a ton of these mind entanglements: list baseball players of the 1970s (Luis Tiant, Mark Fidrych, Harmon Killibrew), celebrities whose first and last names start with the same letter (Charlie Chaplin, George Gershwin, Marilyn Monroe). One of my recent ones is combining two famous people; the last name of person one is the first name of person two. For example:

Michael Jackson Pollack
Bob Hope Hicks
Dwight Howard Cosell
Lebron James Brown
Deborah Harry Houdini
Cole Porter Wagoner
Elton John F. Kennedy
Aretha Franklin D. Roosevelt
Bob Dylan Thomas
Elizabeth Warren G. Harding
Ray Charles Barkley
Pee Wee Herman Melville
Nina Simone de Beauvoir

Oh, and here’s one that combines three,

Danny Thomas Jefferson Davis

I won’t bore you with more, but my favorite that I’ve come up with:

Hans Christian Anderson Cooper

Jul. 21st, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - July 21, 2019

The blurb:

"Time has a funny way of playing tricks on you. We all know it’s elastic and relative. My dog is six and thus each year of his life up to the moment is like 16.7% of his lifetime. I on the other hand have reached the august, ripe, young age of 56; therefore, each year of my life is a mere 1.8% of my existence. .167≠ .018. Ergo, time is relative. Quod erat demonstratum. This week I was robbed of 24 hours. It happened sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. Each day has 24 hours, therefore the accumulated time should have been 72 hours, if my mental math serves me. But of those 72, only 48 were granted to me, the other 24 vanished, or were seized by malevolent forces. All of a sudden, people on TV are saying, “I hope you have a nice Friday evening.” And I’m like, “it’s not Friday, it’s Thursday.” And this morning, Friday morning, all the Saturday morning radio shows are on. I did some mathematical calculations, and measured my coffee consumption, and it turns out science reinforces that it really is Saturday. But to me it’s Friday. And why is my own private reality somehow inferior to “scientific reality”? Answer me that. Anyway, just this once I’m going with science and I’m going to show up at the station tomorrow at around 9:50 for my “Sunday” morning show. 10-12. Catamount Community Radio, SUNDAY mornings at 90.5 FM in Cullowhee and thereabouts and streaming on the world wide web at wwcufm.com. Cover contest in effect."

Mary Ellen and Dandy tie in the cover contest for the second straight week.

1. "Manic Monday"

a) a hit for whom? - The Bangles
b) written and performed by - Prince

2. Brian Bromberg plays a tune on the bass

a) title - "All Blues"
b) composer - Miles Davis

3. Stacey Kent sings "You've Got a Friend"

a) written by - Carole King
b) a big hit for - James Taylor

4. "I Love my Label"

a) performed by - Wilco
b) written by - Nick Lowe


1. Dewey Redman – Joie d avivre
2. Dave Dudley – Six Days on the Road
3. Eliane Elias – You and the Night and the Music
4. Big Star – Thirteen
5. Ben Webster – Five O’Clock Drag
6. Sly & the Family Stone – If You Want Me to Stay
7. Prince – Manic Monday
8. Yusef Lateef – The Three Faces of Balal
9. Albert Collins – Frosty
10. Mel Tormé – All of You
11. Charlie Hunter – Come as You Are
12. KC & the Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes
13. Brian Bloomberg – All Blues
14. James Brown – Talk to Me
15. Djavan – Lambada de sepente
16. Jay McShann – I’m Beginning to See the Light
17. Ella Fitzgerald – Too Darn Hot
18. Coleman Hawkins – The Sheik of Araby
19. Brad Mehldau – Still Crazy After all these Years
20. Soako y la Propiead – Si Dios fuera negro
21. George Cables – Blue Heart
22. Craig Handy – Slippin’ and Slidin’
23. Stacey Kent – You’ve Got a Friend
24. Caentano Veloso & Gilberto Gil – Haiti
25. Arthur H – Naïve derviche
26. Soseph Spence – Livin’ on the Hallelujah Side
27. Wilco – I Love my Label
28. Ben Riley – Nutty
29. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Little Demon
30. Roberto Pulido – De garza a la palmita huapango
31. Kronos Quartet – Dracula 2

Jay McShann

Jul. 15th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - July 14, 2019

Here's the blurb:

"I was listening to TV the other evening, more to the ads than to the shows, because I was interested in their rhetorical strategies. I didn’t get very far, but one thing I picked up on is the “most people believe that…” schtick. It goes like this: “Most people believe that X blah blah. Most people believe that Y blah blah. And most people also believe that Z blah blah. But the fact is that ¡ can help you with X, Y, and Z! blah blah.” This is very postmodern, this business of watching the ads and ignoring the shows, and the ensuing ennui and enervation cannot, or at least should not, be discounted. The Greeks called it abulia (βουλή). But Greek abulia couldn’t truly aspire to the status of the postmodern malaise of which we are currently victims. The Greeks didn’t have smart phones. Most people believe we are enveloped in a postmodern malaise. Most people believe that romance can fulfill you, give your life meaning, and provide you with contentment well into your golden years. Most people believe that radio is full of ads, cuteness, and REO Speedwagon oldies…. Fortunately, Catamount Community Radio is your antidote! It is clinically proven to be effective against heartbreak, inane radio, and post-modern ennui! And it’s FREE! I’m not going to ask you to donate so that you can get some hemp-hewn tote bag, or a chance to win a Volvo. And there are no ads. Sunday mornings, 10-12 at 90.5 FM, and streaming from Cullowhee right into your parlor at wwcufm.com. Oh yeah, that and a cover contest. We’ll see if Mary Ellen can defend."

Mary Ellen and Dandy tie on the cover contest. One of these Sundays Chris is going to join the upper echelon.

1. "The Poor Side of Town"

a) who is covering? - Nick Lowe
b) whose tune - Johnny Rivers'

2. "For the Roses"

a) who is covering? - Cassandra Wilson
b) whose tune? - Joni Mitchell's

3. "It's All in the Game" - This is an interesting one. The music, "Melody in A Major" was written by Charles G. Dawes, back in 1911. He was later Calvin Coolidge's vice president and also won a Nobel Prize. The lyrics were composed in 1951 by Carl Sigman and the tune was a hit in 1958 for Tommy Edwards. W heard Keith Jarrett lay it on the 88s.

4. "Without Love"

a) performed by - Johnny Cash
b) written by - Nick Lowe

Carl Stalling

1. Oscar Peterson – I Loves You, Porgy
2. Ray Barretto – Cocinando suave
3. Neil Young – Silver and Gold
4. Nick Lowe – The Poor Side of Town
5. Cannonball Adderley – Lover Man
6. Steve Earle – Rich Man’s War
7. Carl Stalling – The War Years Medley
8. Serge Gainsbourg – Cha cha cha du loup
9. The Bee Gees – Jive Talkin’
10. Cassandra Wilson – For the Roses
11. Duke Ellington – Harlem Air Shaft
12. Little Willie john – You Hurt Me
13. Sly & the Family Stone – Luv N’ Haight
14. Bill Frisell – Stringbean
15. Nat “King” Cole – All for You
16. Dr. John – Marie Laveau
17. Keith Jarrett – It’s All in the Game
18. Aníbal Troilo – Inspiración
19. Wendo K. Ngoma – Napessi Yo Mbongo
20. Larry Goldings – Everything Happens to Me
21. Paul Salem – Castro in the City
22. Johnny Cash – without Love
23. Blossom Dearie – Chez moi
24. The Staple Singers – Samson & Delilah
25. Red Baraat – Chaal Baby
26. Ben Riley - Nutty

Jul. 7th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - July 7, 2019

Here's my blurb for today:

"I saw this rainbow; it looked like the pot of gold was somewhere around Tuckasegee, so I headed that way. There were the usual unicorns pooping soft-serve, go go boys getting their wings, but no pot of gold, just a big bin of dusty CDs, with a little note taped on it that said, “take me.” I thought, “this must be radio fodder!” I took them home and cleaned them with special CD wipes, and popped them in my boom box. Nothing but static, beeps and blips, the sound of breaking glass, and second-rate disco. I’m not ready or willing to go avant garde, so today Catamount Community Radio will be predictably unpredictable, as usual. No cover contest due to my tropical torpor. Sunday morning 10-12 at 90.5 FM and streaming at wwccufm.com."

1. Brad Mehldau – On the Street Where You Live
2. Ike Quebec – A Light Reprieve
3. Esperanza Spalding – I’ll Look Around
4. Jean Corti – Courdes à courdes
5. Benny Green – Magic Beans
6. João Gilberto – Desafinado
7. Prefuse 73 – Desks, Pencils, Bottles
8. Sarah Vaughan – Black Coffee
9. Songhai – De la noche a la mañana
10. Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucú Paloma
11. Eddie Harris – S’Wonderful
12. Deepak Ram – Kalbaderi Road
13. Coralie Clément – Salle des pas perdus
14. Duke Ellington – Pitter Panther Patter
15. Rickie Lee Jones – Chuck E’s in Love
16. Christian McBride & Russell Malone – Sister Rosa
17. Mississippi John Hurt – Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me
18. Roy Hargrove – I’m not Sure
19. Osvaldo Pugliese – Adiós, Nonino
20. Diana Krall – Glad Rag Doll
21. Ananda Shankar – Beetlenutters
22. David Bowie – Hang on to Yourself
23. World Saxophone Quartet with Fontella Bass – Breath of Life
24. Buju Banton – Fast Lane
25. João Gilberto – Chega de saudade
26. Marcus Miller – Free
27. Avishai Cohen – After the Big Rain

Jun. 30th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - June 30, 2019

In the line for the drive thru at Burger King. The lady in front of me pays for her order and drives off, without her food. How long before she realizes?

Six weeks sans doing radio ... I missed it and was happy to be back on the air.

Cover Contest - Mary Ellen wins this week. If it wasn't for the bonus question, it would have been a three-way tie between Mary Ellen, Dandy and Jeff.

1. Mariachi Dos Mundos covers "Hey Joe." With whom is the tune associated? - Jimi Hendrix

2. Martin Medeski plays a tune. What's the title? Who wrote the music? Who wrote the lyrics?

a) Do You Know the Way to San José
b) Burt Bacharach
c) Hal David

3. Veronica Mortensen covers "Chuck E's in Love"

a) whose tune? - Rikki Lee Jones's
b) to what musician was she briefly married? - Tom Waits

4. "Dance me to the End of Love"

a) who is singing? - Madeleine Peyroux
b) who wrote the tune - Leonard Skinner Cohen

Bonus - which pianist replaces Bill Evans on just one tune on Miles Davis's Kind of Blue because Davis wanted a blusier style? - Wynton Kelly

1. Sketch Show – Micro Talk
2. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – I Want to be Happy
3. Manu Chao – Bongo Bong
4. Serge Gainsbourg – Couleur Café
5. Mariachi Dos Mundos – Hey Joe
6. Thelonious Monk – Black and Tan Fantasy
7. Smokey Robinson – Baby, Don’t Cry
8. Louis Armstrong – Coal Cart Blues
9. The Modern Lovers – The Road Runner
10. Martin Sebaski – Dou You Know the Way to San José?
11. The Drifters – On the Street Where You Live
12. Juan Carmona – Soleariyas
13. Bob Marley – Mr. Chatterbox (dub version)
14. Zapp & Roger – So Ruff, So Tuff
15. John Coltrane – Bessie’s Blues
16. Nick Lowe – I’m a Mess
17. Wilco – Forget the Flowers
18. Hampton Hawes – Feelin’ Fine
19. Veronica Mortensen – Chuck E’s in Love
20. Wynonie Harris – Good Morning, Judge
21. Don Byron, Bill Frisell et. al. – Self-Portrait in 3 Colors
22. Yellow Bird – Attack, Attack
23. Wynton Kelly – Come Rain or Come Shine
24. Anita O’Day w/ Gene Krupa – Slow Down
25. Madeleine Peyroux – Dance Me to the End of the Night
26. Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey
27. Toña La Negra – La alondra
28. Aaron Parks – Riddle Me This
29. Les Pires – Dancing with Jean Maurice (fragment)

Jun. 2nd, 2019


Madrid Dialogue

A woman, probably fifty something and not at all dressed provocatively, comes up to me in the street, and the following exchange occurs.

Mujer: ¿Fumas?

Yo: Pues, no.

Mujer: ¿No tienes vicios?

Yo: Vicios sí tengo.

Mujer: ¿Te gustan las mujeres.

Yo: Sí, supongo que sí.

Mujer: ¿Hacemos el amor?

Yo: No, gracias.


Woman: Do you smoke?

Me: No.

Woman: So you don’t have vices.

Me: I do have vices.

Woman: Do you like women?

Me: Yeah, I suppose I do.

Woman: Shall we make love?

Me: No thank you.

May. 12th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - May 12, 2019

This weeks blurb:

"Gentle listeners, this will be my last radio show until June 30. I’m taking my hustle to Spain (my hustle is teaching Spanish grammar to Americans. Am I an original G or what?).

In Trinidad, sharp-tongued Calypsonians can help politicians get elected. Yet, if these politicians get pompous and out-of-order, these same sharp-tongued Calypsonians can help bring them down. I confess to occasionally getting a tad pompous and out-of-order. But, if you think about it, I’m so insignificant in the grand scheme of things that my pomposity and disorder don’t warrant bringing me down. So, just sit back and have a laugh or two at my expense.

The featured artist today is David Johansen, who may or may not drink Schlitz out of a can with a straw. Jones told a funny anecdote this past Sunday. They coincided in a restaurant, and Johansen acknowledged Jones, but then put his index finger over his mouth as if to say, “hey bro’, how you been? … but don’t bug us tonight.”

Jim Dandy or Jeff will probably get the cover contest this weekend, because Mary Ellen will be watching the Liverpool football club … at my house no less!"

1. Larry Goldings – Road Song
2. The Lounge Lizards – Bob & Nico (fragment)
3. The New York Dolls – I Ain’t got Nothin’
4. Steven Bernstein – Sould Serenade
5. Earth, Wind & Fire – Serpentine Fire
6. Buster Poindexter – Screwy Music
7. Barney Bigard – Jazz a la carte
8. Carmen Miranda – Chica Chica Boom Chic
9. Beat Fanatic – Jogando Capoeira
10. Christian McBride & Roy Hargrove- Baubles, Bangles & Beads
11. Alex Chilton – Downtown
12. Bill Charlap – It’s Love
13. Gregory Isaacs – 9 to 5 (remix)
14. Willie Bobo – Tuxedo Junction
15. Buster Poindexter – Let’s Take it Easy
16. Pearl Bailey – I’m Lazy, That’s All
17. Brian Blade, John Patitucci & Edward Simon – Intention
18. Peggy Lee – Johnny Guitar
19. The New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
20. Vijay Iyer – Black & Tan Fantasy
21. Prince – I Wanna be Your Lover
22. Poor Righteous Teachers – Rock This Funky Joint
23. Sun Ra – Bassism
24. The New York Dolls – Maimed Happiness
25. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – I Was Doing Alright
26. Tom Waits – Step Right Up
27. Rufus Wainwright & Chris Stills – Harvest
28. Cootie Williams – Downtown Uproar
29. Earth, Wind & Fire – Serpntine Fire
30. Friends from Rio – Os escravos do Jo

Dandy wins the Cover Contest, beating Jeff and Donna

1. "Screwy Music"
a) covered by Buster Poindexter
b) a Jimmie Lunceford tune

2. "Downtown"
a) sung by Alex Chilton
b) a Tom Waits song

3, "Rick This Funky Joint" sample
a) "Slipping Into Darkness"
b) by War

4. "Harvest"
a) covered by Rufus Wainwright and Chris Stills
b) a Neil Young joint

May. 5th, 2019


Catamount Community Radio - May 5, 2019

Here's something I wrote about 5 de mayo a year ago:

El 5 de mayo de 1862, en Puebla, se inventó la margarita. Carlota y Maximiliano estaban contentísimos con el nuevo invento, al igual que los franceses, que estaban entonces de vacaciones en México. Sin embargo, a un tal Benito Suárez no le gustó para nada la nueva bebida, así decidió que habría que fusilar a Maximiliano y mandar a Carlota de vuelta a Australia, que es de donde era. Entonces Suárez escogió una fecha al azar para ser el día de la independencia de México: el 16 de diciembre (el "Día del Aullido"). Pero Suárez no pudo impedir que la noticia de la margarita cruzara la frontera y que llegara a California. Y así fue. Ahora sabes la historia del 5 de mayo.

(May 5, 1862, in Puebla, the margarita was invented. Carlota and Maximiliano were delighted with the invention, as were the French, who at the time were on vacation in Mexico. Nevertheless, a certain Benito Suárez didn't like the new drink at all, and so he decided to execute Maximiliano and send Carlota back to Australia, which is where she was from. Then Suárez chose a day randomly to be Mexican Independence Day: December 16 (the "Day of the Howl"). But Suárez couldn't stop news of the margarita from crossing the border and reaching California. And so it was. Now you know the history of 5 de mayo.)

My FacePage blurb for today's show: "Catamount Community Radio: it’s ephemeral; it disappears without a trace, leaving no stains on your chair. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the joy of jazz, and the heartbreak of psoriasis, just to give you an idea. So, grab yourself una cervecita and a taco and settle in. Jim Dandy will attempt to defend the cover contest crown. Sunday mornings, 10-12 at 90.5 FM and streaming, from baked Alaska to deep-fried Kalkaska, from Honolulu to Katmandulu, at wwcufm.com. Batteries not included."

Mary Ellen edges Jeff to take the cover contest crown away from Dandy.

1. "Reason to Believe"
a) covered here by Billy Bragg
b) written by Tim Hardin
c) covered by Rod Stewart, among many others.

2. What's the title? "Baby Elephant Walk"

3. Three parts
a) "Alexander's Ragtime Band"
b) by Irving Berlin
c) covered by Charlie Hunter

some lyrics:

They can play a bugle call like you never heard before
So natural that you want to go to war
That's just the bestest band that am, o Honey Lamb
Come on along, come on along, let me take you by the hand.

4. "Purple Rain"
a) written by Prince
b) covered by Dwight Yoakam


1. Esbjorn Svennson Trio – Believe Beleft Below
2. Etta James – One for my Baby (and one more for the road)
3. Melissa Aldana – My Ship
4. King Pleasure – Swan Blues
5. Charlie Parker – Scrapple from the Apple
6. Billy Bragg – Reason to Believe
7. Jimmie Lunceford – He Ain’t Got Rhythm
8. Charlie Hunter – Kooks on Parade
9. Funky drummer interlude
10. The Starkweather Boys – Abigail Blue
11. Wynton Marsalis – La foule
12. Trio Esperança – O passo do elefantinho
13. Ted Nash – Baby Elephant Walk
14. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane – My Little Brown Book
15. Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – As We Enter
16. Mulatu Astatke – Yègelle Tezata
17. Prince – Old Friends 4 Sale
18. Count Basie – Ain’t Misbehavin’
19. Joshua Redman – You’ve Got a Friend in Me
20. Wilson Pickett – Engine Number 9
21. Lod Caporales – El sacamandú
22. Charlie Hunter – Alexander’s Ragtime Band
23. Jamie Collum – High and Dry
24. Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran – You’ve Changed
25. Silje Nergaard – Let There Be Love
26. Ernestine Anderstine – They Didn’t Believe Me
27. Clarence “Frogman” Henry – (I Don’t Know Why) But I Do
28. Dwight Yoakam – Purple Rain
29. Blind Willie Johnson – God Moves on the Water
30. Nina Simone – My Baby Just Cares for Me
31. Andrew Hill - Dedication

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