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Thavius Beck

Man, I'm gettin' OLD. Not that I can do anything about it, other than do my best to keep fresh, bathe regularly, etc. Anyway, last night I saw DJ/electronic music guru Thavius Beck perform on campus. He didn't go on right away, first there were several student acts. What I didn't realize is that there is such an electronic music scene happening locally. These kids are pretty good too. I think this thing is still in its nascency, and there's a long way yet to go. But imagine, the sound is booming, and it's all being made by a dude with a lap-top and another device. Up on stage a kid, twisting knobs, pushing buttons, and clicking with the mouse. Not that different, after all, than the Wizard of Oz. Just no curtain. Back in the day, we had to play electric guitars and basses and drums, but no longer.

I have to say, with reservations, that I like this music. I like the fact that the music is evolving and that the kids are finding new ways to express themselves, and clever ways too. The sonic textures are wonderful and they vary a lot, depending on the skill of the person mixing. At the same time, not so much in the case of Thavius Beck, but more for the kids, I think that they shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this is also show business, not just art, so if you're going to do a show, it needs to be a show, if you dig where I'm coming from. Manipulating a laptop is not necessarily a show, although I can imagine it could be.

Anyway, after all of the kids (and they were good) were done, Thavius Beck took the stage, and started laying down some great stuff. And he was into it, too, boppin' to the beats. But no turntables. What? I was moved to dance at one point, and I would have stayed on till the party was over if I hadn't had a piano lesson the next morning.

Thavius Beck has worked with Trent Reznor, Nas, and Saul Williams, and he's wicked smart. One day, I would like to figure out some of his tricks.


boom zingy boom chicka whee

yup. everything you just said.
I enjoy the landscapes that rezner creates with sound. I could listen to a dozen remixes of the same song if he does it. I get lost in the mood.

Re: boom zingy boom chicka whee

There was a workshop the next day, unfortunately, I could only stay for half of it, but it was very cool to watch him take a beat, break it into pieces, and put it back together. His program can take samples, and change tempos while keeping pitch constant. It's amazing what those machines can do.

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