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Catamount Community Radio - February 15, 2009

Yesterday was Valentine's day. I'm so excited.

You believe that?

Las rosas son rojas
las violetas son azules
y cuando estoy contigo
estoy en las nubes.

If you don't read Spanish, don't bother to translate it; it's totally cheezy.

L'empereur Claude pose cette quetion: "Qu'est ceci, Valentin? Pourquoi ne gagnes-tu en notre affection en adorant nos dieux et en rejetant tes vaines superstitions?"

Claude asks, what is this, Valentine? Why do you insist in rejecting our gods and why these vain superstitions?

Valentine responds, "Si tu connaissais la grâce de Dieu, tu ne parlerais jamais ainsi, mais tu renoncerais aux idoles pour adorer Dieu qui est au ciel."

If you knew the grace of God, you would never talk like that; you would renounce your idols and praise God in heaven.

So the Romans behead him, c. 280 A.D., and somehow this is the day for cards, and chocolates and bad poems? I'm not sure I get it.

Q: Why do valentines have hearts on them?
A: Because spleens would look pretty gross!

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Olive Who?
Olive you!

What did the French chef give his wive on Valentines Day?
A hug and a quiche!

Even if it's not the day after Valentine's Day, you can catch Catamount Community Radio on WWCU-FM every Sunday morning. 10-12 (EST).

Today's playlist:

1. Duke Ellington – Memphis Blues
2. Little Wille John – Talk to Me
3. The Four Harmonizers – God Will Take Care of You (pt. 2)
4. Willie Rosario – La cuesta de la fama
5. Jimmy McGriff – Sugar, Sugar
6. Luis Russell – Hokus, Pokus
7. La Playa Sextet – Hong Kong
8. Big Maceo – Detroit Jump
9. Dizzy & Bird – Groovin' High
10. Sun Ra – Two Tones
11. Solomon Burke – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
12. Audrey Hepburn – Moon River
13. The Jackson 5 – The Love You Save
14. Lennie Tristano – C Minor Complex
15. Mike Russo – Let's Do the Fink
16. Samba Mapangala – Obama Ubarikiwe
17. A.C. Reed – Talkin' About my Friends
18. Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)
19. Marvin Gaye – You're the Man
20. Pat Thomas & Marijata – I Need More
21. Mangual & Patato – Massacote
22. Slim & Slam – Bongo
23. The Chavelles – Red Tape
24. John Hartford – Flea Market Breakdown
25. Rusty Adams – Hippie from Mississippi
26. Roberto Roena – Guagancó del adiós
27. Chiquinha Gonzaga – Sultana
28. Miles Davis – Will You Still Be Mine?
29. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Yuh Look Good
30. Carolina Cotton – I Love to Yodel
31. The Four Harmonizers – God Will Take Care of You (pt. 1)

Big Maceo

Marvin Gaye


love me 2 more times, baby

I remember when I first fell in love with the doors. It was that 1981 rolling stone with Jim Morrison on the cover. "He's Hot, He's Sexy, and He's Dead."
Well, I came across that issue yesterday while sorting my collectables and guess what? The subscription label has your name and address.
Thanks for over 28 years of love, Mark.

Re: love me 2 more times, baby

actually, I need to rebute part of that. I remember being in my Morrison phase in 1980, so that magazine just fueled a fire that was already burning. I do remember that it gave me the idea for "15 Forever", that I wrote about Bruce.
The magazine said that Jim would always be sexy because he would be 28 forever. (kinda like me. hehe)


I thought you were 18.

But thanks for the kind words. I started listening to the Doors because of you. And I even read a book, "No one gets out of here alive" (was that the title?)

Re: 28?

yup. 18 and I like it.
and yeah, that was the book.
hey we're still alive. but we're not out of here yet either. ha

the wind cried Mary

so then...this morning, I noticed that there was an address label on my Dec 22, 1988 TIME magazine (with John Lennon on the cover.)
It was addressed to Dr. Ginrich.
That also helps pinpoint someone that I knew, that knew what I liked, at that time.
awe shucks, you move me.

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