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Peas and Potatoes

I was watching some food show (as I tend to do sometimes) and a woman was making steak with green beans in a vinaigrette as a side. The sauce for the steak was like, reduced red wine with some butter added at the end. My thought was, if any home chef tries this with ingredients (especially the green beans) that are less than primo, they'll be sorry. It'll taste like crap. I mean, that's what onions and garlic and spices are all about: making a wonderful dish out of ingredients that may not be the greatest or the freshest. Don't get me wrong, I love onions, I love garlic even more, and I'm no stranger to spices, but if you're cooking with fresh, great ingredients, well, it's the time for simplicity.

I was lucky enough to score some fresh peas: you know, peas right from the garden. I knew right away what I wanted to do with them. Years ago I was visiting a guy in Barcelona by the name of Pep, he made this for us for lunch, and I've never forgotten it.

You shuck the peas, peel the potatoes, cut them up a little, and put them on to boil, when they are just about done, steam the peas over the boiling potatoes. In a bowl, put in your drained potatoes, and the peas over them. Add some coarse salt, and drizzle over them the best olive oil that you can get your hands on, and that is a healthy, easy and delicious lunch. I recommend a glass of red wine and a slice of good bread to sop up the oil once you've devoured the potatoes and the peas. No need for onions, for garlic, for butter, for spices ... just olive oil, potatoes, peas, and salt.

We can't eat like this every day unless we absolutely dedicate ourselves to freshness, that's why our pantries are filled with onions, garlic and spices!



Yee Haw!

It kinda reminds me of being a kid back in my trailer park days when my mom would heat a can of peas with milk and black pepper then pour them over toast. "Waddaya mean, what is it? It's lunch. EAT IT!" haha

Re: Yee Haw!


I never had that dish, but maybe with a glass of merlot it wouldn't be bad!

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