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Catamount Community Radio - March 30, 2008

On today's show: Hippie hating, Zeki Müren, Cachao, and "Jim Dandy got Married." The hippie hatin' MP3s were copped from WFMU's website.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (EST) on Power 90.5.

I'll let the experts talk:

"Joe Richie - How Do You Get Rid Of A Hippie (In A Country Western Bar) (3:06) This one was a late arrival on the hippie hater scene, having been released in 1981. Joe Richie recorded this song in San Jose, California and it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that his close proximity to hippie haven San Francisco finally pushed him over the edge. Richie gets bonus points for mentioning Ernest Tubb as part of his hippie removal plan, though his Tinkerbell references make him unlikely to win any awards for sensitivity."

"Don Bowman - The San Francisco Scene (2:20) Bowman was a parodist / satirist who first hit the charts in 1964 with Chit Atkins Made Me A Star. He appeared in the movies Las Vegas Hillbillys (1966) and Hillbillys In A Haunted House (1967) and was the original host of the syndicated American Country Countdown radio program. He currently resides in Tarzana, California and has just released a new album, according to his Myspace page, which is exceedingly difficult to read due to font colors and background graphics. Seriously, if you spend more than a minute or two there you may well go blind."

"Guy Drake - The Marching Hippies (2:15) Guy Drake was not one to mince words. Check it out as he goes straight for the jugular: 'Now I asked this one big hippie what that sign was on his back
He said "Peace" but the darn thing looked to me like just like some American chicken track.' Drake is probably best known for recording Welfare Cadillac, a #6 hit in 1970. He can be seen here, via youtube, doing Welfare Cadillac live on the Porter Wagoner Show."

"Smokey Harless - A Place For Them Called Hell (2:29) Smokey sings about returning to the states after an Army hitch overseas and finding himself more than a little disenchanted with what he finds back home. Sample lyric: 'They can carry their signs go marching in the streets, all that's good and well - But to my way of thinking if they don't like our country, there's a place for them called hell.' Smokey's actually a pretty nice guy, though. Despite all the hostility in the air he generously offers the hippies and yippies free baths and haircuts."


Rusty Adams - Hippie From Mississippi (2:46) Chesley Carroll's version is the original and was mentioned here a few months back in an exploration of country records using fuzztone guitar, which can be heard blaring as the record comes to a close. Rusty Adams' version, released on the Plantation label, maintains a bit more of the melody from Merle Haggard's Okie From Muskogee, which was obviously the inspiration for Hippie From Mississippi."

And I'll let Scott Soriano tell you about Zeki Müren:

"Zeki's first record was released in 1950 and from then on he was known as the 'Sun' of Turkish music, recording over 100 albums and winning artist of the year for decades. He was a published and noted poet and acted in over 18 movies. When he died in 1996, all of Turkey went into mourning. In 2000, his house was turned into a museum. From it's opening until 2006, it has been visited by 200 million people... He has a great pop sense and a wonderful voice. Listen a but more carefully and you will note that the enunciation is so clear, so deliberate that it takes on a dramatic and even flamboyant tone. And flamboyant is the right word, for though he never came out it is widely thought that Zeki Muren was gay. Now, this is just a bit of gossip if not for the fact that Zeki's flamboyance was extremely socially significant in Turkey. From pretty boy to pretty man, Zeki played a role in Turkey similar to that of Liberace in America, that of the unacknowledged but nudge-nudge-wink-wink gay man who though his public flamboyance created an umbrella of sorts for others to be themselves, while softening public attitudes toward homosexuality. If men such as Zeki Muren weren't civil rights crusaders they certainly were uber-individualist with even more uber balls. Realize that and such music becomes a little less of a curiosity and a bit more of social artifact. Better that it is musically so damn good."

And this, from Honey, where you been for so long, about Chuck Smith's "The Train is Coming."

"Trix Records was one of the best of the blues labels in post-war era, though it never had the breakthrough artists that would help propel Chess and others to major label status. This album, Detroit After Hours, is a collection of their musicians playing on the same piano and recored live at a house in Detroit’s 'The Valley,' a former black neighborhood that was the center of black entertainment after the war and was demolished over time in the 70s and 80s to make way for a freeway. The music is lively and really captures the spirit of a blues afterhours party, and all these songs are wonderful."

1. Esbjorn Svensson Trio – I Mean You
2. Steven Bernstein – Jehudos Bas Zion
3. Kenny Dorham –Afrodisia
4. Radiohead – Faust Arp
5. The Mexicali Brass – Theme from the Green Hornet
6. Louis Corchia – La Roulotte
7. Joe Richie – How to Get Rid of a Hippie
8. Stacey Kent – Ces petits riens
9. Bobo Mr. Soul – Answer to the Want Ads
10. Lavern Baker – Jim Dandy Got Married
11. Don Bowman – The San Francisco Scene
12. Allen Toussaint - Tipitina
13. Etta Baker – Marching Jaybirds
14. Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
15. Bill Laswell – Habana Transmission #2 / Cuban Evolution
16. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
17. Guy Drake – The Marching Hippies
18. Piero Milesi – Minute Quartet
19. Willie Bobo – Night Walk
20. Miles Davis – Sur l'autoroute
21. Smokey Harless - A Place for Them Called Hell
22. Serge Gainsbourg – La javanaise
23. Antonio Arcaño – Mambo
24. Rusty Adams – Hippie from Mississippi
25. Zeki Müren – Rhumba
26. Israel "Cachao" López – Pa-pa bajo
27. Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on their Own
28. Chuck Smith – The Train is Coming
29. Bebo Valdés – Lamento cubano

Hippie Hatin'

Ziggy Stardust?



LOL she looks like a alian !!

She's not an alien, darling, HE is from Turkey, but the Spiders, I 'm quite sure they're from Mars.

Zeki Stardust

She DOES look like an alien! haha

food fight country grunge

...and which song had the plinky plunky banjo sounds?

Re: food fight country grunge

The instrumental would be the Etta Baker tune, followed by Sufjan Stevens, which also included some banjo.

Re: food fight country grunge

Then it was probably the Sufjan Stevens, because there were vocals.
I'll put that in my Pandora's Box and see what comes out.

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