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The Perils of Professionalism

I ran across this video while looking at WFMU's website. It's a television show from Nashville, circa 1966. You can't fail to notice how casual the whole thing is, despite the jackets and the ties. It looks like the guests have been up all night partying. Roger Miller stops a song half-way through to change drummers, musicians walk by in front of the camera with their instruments still in their cases (it aired live at 6 am), yet, despite all of this, it is highly entertaining television, with a feeling of authentic humanity that is sorely lacking in today's heavily packaged television. It's not that I think there is no good television out there today; there are lots of good things on (in aggregate, though not as a percentage of the overall fare). But how refreshing it would be to see something like this today. Put a bunch of talented people (musicians and entertainers) in front of the camera and let them do what they do, and include all the false starts and mistakes. I'm certain that the spontaneity of it all would more than outweigh the awkward moments.

In a tangental story, I was listening to some radio via the internet from the UK. They were talking about the combination of music and poetry, and some of the possibilities, outside of hip hop, that might come of it. The host asked the guest, a musician/poet, I don't remember his name, to riff on the idea of community radio, and off he went. It was great.

Anyway, check out this video of Ralph Emery's "Opry Almanac," with guests Roger Miller, Thumbs Carlisle (who picks him some guitar and has a Batman tee shirt on underneath his jacket!) and Charlie Louvin. Could TV still be like this?



Bat Thumb

That was fun. I watched the whole thing with my first cup of coffee for maximum authenticity.
Must be a guys show. They never even mention the girl on the piano. Definitely felt like it was after an all-nighter for some of them. Thanks for getting this on!

Re: Bat Thumb

It's a long video, but it's fun.

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