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Hip-Hop, Baseball, Steroids

So now we hear that rappers are being investigated for steroid use. How crazy is that? As Jay Smooth says, "It's not a good thing when rappers use steroids, because then they think they need to take their shirts off ... and then all the wannabe rappers on MySpace think they're supposed to take their shirts off ... and then we see a whole bunch of things that we really don't need to see." Jay chalks up steroid use in hip-hop to predictable causes: vanity, insecurity, and new-found wealth. But he also points out something interesting: the music industry is not confident about the quality of their product, and this is behind a push to market a certain image, hence the shirtlessness and the bulked-up muscles. He even compares the situation in hop-hop today to what was happening in baseball in the mid nineties, when their steroid problem came to light. Baseball owners were not convinced that they had a product that fans wanted to see. Then suddenly here are McGuire, Bonds, and Sosa, bursting out of their uniforms and swatting home runs like nobody's business.

Would you put your shirt back on, please?

Eddie Brinkman broke into the majors at age 19. He was a great fielder (a shortsop who once went 72 straight games without an error) and was part of the 1972 Detroit Tiger team that won the AL East. In high school in Cinncinatti, he was a teammate of Pete Rose. Their high school coach called Rose "a good player, not a Brinkman." Brinkman was such a good fielder that he was voted Tiger of the Year for the 1972 team, while hitting only .203.

I still have a program that I got at Tiger Stadium at a game in 1973. In it I found this photo of Brinkman along with second baseman Dick McAuliff. It doesn't look like Brinkman was using any steroids, or even lifting weights, for that matter.

Eddie, put your shirt back on too.


Kids, drink Pepsi if you must, but say no to steroids ...
And keep your shirts on!



Remember when hemorrhoids were cool?
Here, let me sterilize that for you. Give me your lighter.

Re: SterileRhoids

If those won't keep your hip hopping, what will?

Re: SterileRhoids

Could give a new meaning to "roid rage." hehe

Re: SterileRhoids

Ba dum pum!

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