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Peter Payak Poem

In the third and forth decades of my life, I liked to collect books. In fact, one of my favorite activities was to wile away hours in used-book stores. Now that I'm in my fifth decade, I look at things differently. I'm no longer interested in collecting books. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting rid of some of my books. It's sad, but I'm not the reader I once was. Many of my friends are around 30, about 15 years my junior, and they're not averse to collecting books. I can help them out with some heavy wall paper, if you get my drift. Anyway, there was one I was going to give away, but I didn't do it, because there was a poem in it that I needed. Needed? well, OK. I found it. I'll reproduce it, and the book, The Paris Review Anthology, will be given away soon enough.

Motorcycle Evolution

The size of the human brain
increased from the apelike
capacity of 500 cubic centimeters
in Australopithecus to about
1500 cc. in modern man.

It took two million years
for man's brain to evolve
from the motor size of
a Kawasaki 500 to that
of a Harley-Davidson Superglide.

Kawasaki 500

Harley-Davidson Superglide



first, let me say thank you for enviting me as a friend, hopefully it came back that i accepted it and returned the invite. secondly, your you tube round up was great. the old silent movies always amazed me with there so called special effects. its amazing there weren't hundreds of people killed. lastly, you should have posted a picture of the harley with it evolution motor. happy new year to you also!

Re: evolution


you're welcome! I fixed the entry.



dang, and I got stuck with a mo-ped brain.
I guess maybe I shoulda not went to a second hand wizard.

Re: devolution

maybe our problem is that our brains are too big. We're smart enough to get into all kinds of trouble.

The Harley just looks wrong: it's all engine. The Kawasaki 500 is a little better. The moped is another step in the right direction, but the bicycle is the most beautiful of all!

Re: devolution

Eloquently put!
I feel better already.

November 2018



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