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Happy Anniversary Old Friend!

Where did that year go?

Thanks to the magic of technology, we have been able to share our memories and the details of the separate paths to adventure we've taken over the years. If not for your journal and blogs, I would never have known about your family, your trips to France, your interests in food, wine and bicycling. It's been like getting to know you again.
It's also funny that as much as we change, the more we stay the same. It may be a localized thing. We can identify with the same memories from a certain place and time. And maybe because we each know that the other will "get it," we are more likely to remember the details and "share it."

Your blog has also been an endless source of interesting trivia. Your interests have been expanded by the many paths you've traveled. And now, what interests you, is interesting to me. I've learned about wine and hobos. Hip-Hop and Afro-Pop. Juke boxes and Jazz. You've taken me to France, Japan, Russia, to the Moon and beyond.
This journal is full of strange , quirky and wonderful videos.

It is also a users guide to good music and a companion piece to your radio show. Tips on simple gourmet and exotic cuisine? What haven't you written about? It's all here!

You have connected to other online sites to create a community that I happy to have become part of as well.

It has been a good year and this is an excellent journal.

Your site is one stop shopping for entertainment and knowledge!

Thank you for your contribution to humanity and the animal kingdom.

Keep On Trucking!

Your Friend Forever--Jim Dandy


Thanks, Jim Dandy

for the kind words. I'll keep on truckin' for another year!

May 2018



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