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Afromotive, live in Asheville

Mmm. These wasabi peas are pretty good. Hot too, in that wasabi way. Just one more. Wasabi! ....

Oh, hi. I was just fixin' to report on the Afromotive gig at the Orange Peel in Asheville on Saturday. I've written about Afromotive before, after I saw them in Kalamazoo last summer, but I hadn't seen them since. So Mer, Lauren and I hopped into my new Toyota Corolla and we made the drive.

The event was a "CD release party" for their new CD, "Scare Tactics." The band was tight, as was to be expected, and a good crowd turned out. For some reason, they decided to hire go go dancers for the evening. So the first thing we saw was the dancers doing a pretty lame routine to Michael Jackson's "Bad." (Note to Afromotive: I like my go go dancers a little more high energy, and preferably, in cages, with plastic Uzis). And then, in a thin cloud of dry ice, out came the band, to open with a thing in a very interesting time signature. I was standing out in the audience with my one and only brew (I was designated driver) counting it out. It sounded like it was in six, but I wasn't sure. Backstage after the show, Ryan told me that it was four on top of six. Very interesting. I noticed that the dancers in the audience were a little confused. They felt the groove, but had a hard time getting their bodies into synch with it.

No need to worry though, for soon enough, they hit us with the heavy African grooves that we were there to hear. They played tight afropop for the next three hours, pleasing the dancers. (I couldn't help but recall a band I used to like to see in East Lansing in the mid '80s, the 22 Cavegods, who had a loyal following of hippie freak interpretive dancers – some of the cats in the crowd Saturday night fit that Cavegod mode).

I was happy to see that my main tenorman Tyler Kittle got some extended solo time. It was also interesting to note the changes in personel since last summer. Different guitartist, and another guy from Ivory Coast to play percussion. A guy with mad skills on the djembe who comes from a family of (according to the band's website) 33 generations of musicians. Jacob Keller, another cat I once jammed with, also came out and played with the band on guitar for most of the evening. BTW, I think Jacob (check out his Myspace page) also produced the album. Anyway, for most of the evening, there were 11 musicians on stage: Kevin, the front-man and percussionist, the new guy from Côte d'ivoire, organist, bassist, two guitars, percussionist, drummer, and three horns.

I forgot to take a camera, but I did take a few snaps with my cell phone. They didn't turn out to well, so I'm copping a photo or two from the band's website.

It was four in the morning before I crashed that night.

I think I have another bag of wasabi peas somewhere.


Waaasup bee?

I love wasabi peas!
I probably love Afropop too!
Good story, good times. Wish I was there...I mean since you're the designated driver and all.
Woohoo!!! Tobasco shots for all my friends!!!

Re: Waaasup bee?

Two shots of Tabasco Wasabi Tequila liquor drink for Jim Dandy, please! Don't worry, I'm driving.

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