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Monday Nights at the Guadalupe Café (4)

Piano wizard Pavel Wlosok showed up this evening with his Fender Rhodes... What a glorious night of jazz. Two weeks ago the group was a little stiff, but tonight, things got cooking right from the get-go.

The band started off with Pavel on the sidelines, watching them go through "Down by the Riverside" and a blues. Then he hit the stand. I think he was perhaps surprised at how hittin' Tyler was on his solo on Ellington's "Perdido." I had a feeling we were in for something special. Pavel's showing up perhaps "raised the bar," but Tyler stepped up and played at the top of his game. In fact, before playing, he told me, in French, "Je suis en forme ce soir". And that proved to be right.

The trio kicked it, as always; Sean holding it down on the drums providing propulsion and percussive accentuation while Wells laid down a driving rhythm on the bass. Pavel quickly settled into the groove, his comps like late summer rainwater falling from the eaves. Thier version of Billy Strayhorn's "Ishfahan" was just right, moody and mellow, and later I finally got to hear them do "Jitterbug Waltz." (I've been suggesting to Tyler that they should do this tune for months! Finally!) The band was hitting on all cylinders.

They closed the evening with Charlie Chaplin's "Smile," played, not as a ballad, but up-tempo, a la Dexter Gordon. As was to be expected, it kicked.

Jazz at Guadalupe Cafe hit the spot. MER and I shared a bottle of Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina as we listened and tapped our feet. I ate a couple of tacos, one with bacon and avocado, one with shrimp.

I snapped a couple of photos with my cell phone. Here's one:



curse fate! I just knew I was missing a great jazz night, I could feel it in my bones.

I will kill you.
Me no afraid. Me eat apple.
fine eat the apple, but she probably poisoned it so that she can give it to her G-maw Snow White style.

Hannah, did you see

last week's film, El espíritu de la colmena? This is a still from that film. Ana Torrent is great. Here she is offering an apple to a guy who is running away from the authorities, a guy who (it is lightly insinuated) may be her father, a result of a tryst by her mother years ago. But the guy who gets the apple is brutally shot down by the guardia civil (the state police) just later in the movie.

But what magic this girl has, no?

Re: Hannah, did you see

No I didn't see last week's film, but I'll netflix...I mean...buy it from a locally owned organic rental store?? Si, she is all the magic, I think she might be the best child actress I've ever seen. Why don't you offer an upper level Hispanic Lit and Film class?! We could talk all day.

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