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Random Obsessions

24. And every time you buy a music file, MP3 or whatever, you should get a random "B-side" just like we always got B-sides we didn't know about when we bought 45s back in the day.

17. My opinion? MP3 players should also broadcast anonymously over a special frequency. You tune in to to eavesdrop on what somebody else is listening to on their ipod. And whatever you are listening to on yours may also be available to everyone else if it is your turn to be on the air.

2. David Winner, in his book about about Dutch Football writes about curves. Straight lines are easier in the short term, and seem to make more sense, but a curve is probably stronger in the long run, and is less susceptible to warp.

5. Dutch architect Lars Spuybroek designed a traffic-noise barrier which not only keeps the noise of the cars zooming past away from the houses, but also allows drivers to tune in to the sounds of the houses they are zooming past.

21. Privacy issues, yes, but the idea in itself is interesting.

12. Microphones in the houses pick up random domestic noises: vacuuming, shouting at the kids to do their homework, having sex, eating dinner, etc. and broadcast them on a special radio frequency to the passing cars. You tune your car radio to a certain frequency to pick up the house sounds.

9. What makes it interesting is the inversion: instead of people in the houses listening to the cars go by, people in the passing cars listen to the houses go by.


harper valley p.t.a.

isn't that what you tube does? let's you into other peoples houses?
interesting concepts all the same.
as much as I don't like hearing traffic out side, I am sure I don't want them to hear what I am up to.
perhaps in the city where anyone can be anonymous.
in my small town it could be dangerous.
I like the random music idea. it could be an iTunes channel. (duck, hear come those nasty anti media sharing nazi's!)


Re: harper valley p.t.a.

Yeah, I have to be careful with YouTube. I can end up spending an hour just by going link to link, when I only meant to be there a few minutes. But, yes, I love YouTube. I think the randomness factor is a big part of the reason.

The traffic barrier thing loses all its charm if you actually know the people you are listening in on. Without absolute anonymity it's no good.

Not for small towns, I'm thinking of big freeways rushing past suburban sprawl.

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