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Evil Spock's Contest

I've entered a contest on Evil Spock's website

The idea of the contest is to stroke Evil Spock's ego by writing a paragraph on the theme of "what does Evil Spock mean to me." I mean, he's a good writer, so it's worth a shot.

Here's my paragraph, which was deemed a finalist:

Before getting into the evilness of Evil Spock's evil, let's just point out that Evil Spock writes about Evil Spock in the third person, avoiding personal pronouns, like Gertrude Stein or Ricky Henderson. This is surely a sign of greatness. Plus, Evil Spock has a penchant for telling little stories that are perfect in a minor sort of way. The one that comes to mind is the story of the breaking and entering into Evil Spock's car. The thieves only stole some change. They rifled through Evil Spock's CDs, but declined to take any of them. That sort of hurt Evil Spock's feelings, criticizing Evil Spock's musical tastes like that. This sort of writing keeps Mark from feeling bad about wasting his time perusing the internets instead of reading a book or practicing the piano. But back to Evil Spock's evil. The world today is full of hypocrites who roll holier-than-thou, but who, on the inside, are rotten. One senses in Evil Spock the inverse. Evil Spock poses all "eviler-than-thou," but you just can't help but sense that, beneath the malevolent veneer, Evil Spock is a decent chap. He may have a tin ear for music, but he's a fine writer.

So what I ask of you, dear reader, is that you get your lazy ass on over to Evil Spock's website and vote for me. And keep going back and keep voting ad nauseam, which means until you're sick to your stomach.

I'm sorry, let me rephrase that. Mark would be grateful if you would be so kind as to visit Evil Spock's web site and vote for my paragraph. And keep in mind, that if it's not too much trouble, you may return every day and vote anew, as long as your robust constitution affords such an indulgence.

Thank you,

Throw 2 fingers in the air and say Peace, Love, and Sweet Potato Pie!

I'm out.



This chick might be Evil Spock's girlfriend, I'm not sure.


hahahahaha, thats so great.

So, hannah

Ahem, I know your name's a palindrome and all, but did you vote?

good luck

the poll only seems to let me vote once from each computer. maybe its once a day, I will try again tomorrow. I have voted at least twice.

Re: good luck

Thanks, Jim Dandy,

I think it allows you to vote once a day. I'm working now on my Adrian Belew review.

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