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Greens for the Blues

Cooking is among the activities I find most pleasurable. I like to listen to some good music, drink a beer and cook something. I joke around with anybody who comes into the kitchen, because I'm in a good mood.

At Food Lion today I saw that they had greens, and a good variety. 'Tis the season for hearty and nutritious greens: collards, mustard greens, turnip greens and kale. I bought some of each.

Here's my recipe: Soak the greens in a sink full of salt water, just in case they might be dirty. Then clean them, cutting off the stems in most cases, and cutting them into pieces. Find a big pot and put it on the stove. My favorite is a heavy, blue, cast iron one from France. Let it heat up while you cut up two or three small onions. Halves, then thin slices. When the pot is hot, pour in some vegetable oil, then throw in some black mustard seeds that you happen to have on hand for Indian cooking. When those seeds start a' snap, crackle and poppin' add the onions, let them sizzle for a bit, then throw in some pork. Today it was pancetta that has been in the fridge for ages, but I don't see why bacon or salt pork wouldn't do. Oh, don't forget some dried red peppers (pepper flakes would be fine). Then start throwing in the greens after they've been rinsed. This evening, the first few handfuls went through the salad spinner, but after that I didn't bother. Once the greens are in the pot starting to cook down, add some water, season, and just let it cook on low heat for a long time.

The pot liquor will cure what ails you, I guarantee.

It makes a good side dish for the next day.



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