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Catamount Community Radio - October 27, 2019

Memory is a blessing, but also a curse. I always feel some pride when I can remember the name of a student I had years ago, the name of an author whose books I read in the nineties, the name of some obscure baseball player, or what I had for dinner last night. The curse part is that there are plenty of things that you might prefer to forget, but can't.

Borges has a story about this dude, Funes, who has an infallible memory (I remember that I learned the word "infallible" in the fourth grade). Funes is incapable of forgetting anything. He can learn Latin effortlessly ... but to him, a dog seen in profile at 3:14 is not the same dog as the one seen from the front at a quarter past three. To think is to forget differences; it is to generalize, make abstractions. Funes is incapable of thought. Or maybe the story is just an allegory about insomnia.

Fortunately, Catamount Community Radio requires neither thinking nor memory (well, if you wanted to win the cover contest, a little memory power would be a good thing). Just put on your dancing slippers, grab that bottle of muscatel that's baking in the oven, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Sunday mornings 10-12 at 90.5 FM, and streaming from Carolina to Indochina at


Jeff wins the cover contest this week, edging Dandy, with Steve in third. Five entries this week, the most in a long time.

1. Jewels and Binoculars plays one. Author and title?

a) Bob Dylan
b) "Spirit on the Water"

2. A Rogers and Hart tune. Title and pianist playing it?

a) "Bewitched"
b) Brad Mildew (Mehldau)

3. Steve Nash plays one. Composer and title?

a) Henry Mancini
b) "Peter Gunn"

4. Mildew plays one. Title and composer.

a) "Alfie"
b) Bacharach (and David)


1. Ted Nash - Ugly Beauty
2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Undercooled
3. Hot Lips Page - St. James Infirmary
4. Booker Little - Sweet and Lovely
5. Jewels and Binoculars - Spirit on the Water
6. Unknown Hinson - Fishcamp Woman
7. Lee Konitz - Indian Summer
8. Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand
9. Craig Handy - In a Sentimental Mood
10. Brad Mehldau - Bewitched
11. Bootsy Collins - Bootzilla
12. Count Basie - Pennies from Heaven
13. Clifford Jordan - Glass Bead Games
14. Jelly Roll Morton - Doctor Jazz
15. Art Tatum - Sheik of Araby
16. Steven Bernstein & Antony Hegarty - Family Affair
17. Ted Nash - Peter Gunn
18. Bebo Vladés - Babalú
19. Rosie Flores - Heartbreak Train
20. Gal Costa - Minha voz, minha vida
21. Astor Piazzola - Libertango
22. Lester Young - He Don't Love Me Anymore
23. Omer Avital - New Song
24. Brad Mehldau - Alfie
25. Nick Lowe - Changing all the Changes
26. Freddie Hubard - Bolivia
27. Gustavo Santaolalla -Gaucho
28. Aníbal Velázquez - Mambo loco
29. Aki Takase - Lotus Pond
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