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Catamount Community Radio - October 20, 2019

When it comes to Catamount Community Radio, for every good idea that comes to me, I have at least five bad ideas that my inner editor must strike. One bad idea was asking my listeners for requests. If I liked them, I would play them. And if not, I would mock the listener. Bad idea.

Another good, but perhaps untenable, idea was an imaginary conversation between two ghosts: Free-form radio genius X.Ray Burns and French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. They are in the Cadillac between Kearny and Jersey City, discussing Bjorn Borg. Baudrillard says that in Salt Lake City, all the Christs look like Bjorn Borg, and X.Ray replies, "Don't hate Bjorn Borg. He had nice hair."

Then Baudrillard reflects on American skies: " It isn't clouds that are fleecy here, but brains. Clouds float over the city like cerebral hemispheres driven by the wind. The people have cirrus clouds in their heads or coming out of their eyes."

X.Ray comes back with, "to me they look like lint. 'Consolidated Lint' ... I should have gotten in on that when it was low ... too late now.

and it goes on and on.

Here's another idea. I will supply the quote, and you decide if it's Burns or Baudrillard. Did it, with two entries. Steve beats Mary Ellen for the chance to wear the imaginary cardboard cover contest crown for a week. UPDATE: actually, New York Jim wins with 11/12.

The answers:

1. "Driving is a spectacular form of amnesia ... the excessive pitiless distance, the infinity of anonymous faces and distances." (Baudrillard)

2. "If I had a major-league expansion team, I would draft Jesus to play second base." (Burns)

3. "It's like a low, sustained, howl of anguish, but I've grown comfortable with it." (Burns)

4' "It is a world completely rotten with wealth, power, senility, indifference, puritanism and mental hygiene, poverty and waste, technological futility and aimless violence, and yet I cannot help but feel it has about it something of the dawning of the universe." (Baudrillard)

5. "The French are very fond of jazz, that's another reason to stay away from them." (Burns)

6. "Americans may have no identity, but they do have nice teeth." (Baudrillard)

7. "There is no aphrodisiac like innocence." (Baudrillard)

8. " The phone is good when you need it, but still, it is destroying the social fabric of the nation." (Burns)

9. "Democracy is the menopause of Western society ... Fascism is its middle-aged lust." (Baudrillard)

10. "There is nothing funny about Halloween." (Baudrillard)

11. "Anatomy is destiny. Fashion is something else altogether." (Burns)

12. "Isn't it sad that your phone is smarter than you? It's like a robot in your pocket." (Burns)


1. Kronos Quartet w/ Bill Evans & Eddie Gómez -n Turn out the Stars
2. Erroll Garner - The Coffee Song
3. Terence Blanchard & Poncho Sánchez - Siboney
4. Rosie Flores - Crying Over You
5. Boots & his Buddies - The Raggle Taggle
6. Lee Konitz & Miles Davis - Hi Beck
7. Parliament - Mothership Connection
8. Ted Nash - Tico Tico
9. Led Zeppelin - Ramble On
10. Miles Davis - Milestones
11. Marisa Monte - Segue o seco
12. RZA - Afro's Father Fight
13. Aaron Goldberg - Yoyo
14. Hoagy Carmichael - Two Sleepy People
15. Terence Blanchard & Poncho Sánchez - Dizzy Gilespie Medley
16. Bunny Wailer - Reincarnatd Souls
17. Jason Moran -The Sun at Midnight
18. Boots & his Buddies - East Commerce Stomp
19. Rumbanella Band - El Congo
20. Fats Waller - The Sheik of Araby
21. Coleman Hawkins - The Sheik of Araby
22. Peggy Lee - Everything's Moving too Fast
23. Eric Dolphy - 17 West
24. Johnny Cash - Hidden Shame
25. Futuristic Ensemble - Candlelights
Tags: baudrillard, playlists, radio, x.ray burns
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