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Catamount Community Radio - September 29, 2019

My last haircut was in mid-June. Since then, I've been doing something of an experiment, just letting it grow. I'm sure that for other people this would produce more esthetically pleasing results than it does for me. For one thing I'm balding, so my hair is patchy. Secondly, gravity holds no dominion over my locks: my hair grows only up and out.

Predictably, people have different responses to my experiment. The secretary of our department hates it. She says it makes me look like some crazed, oddball professor (some truth in that), while the old, close-cropped look made me look dignified and respectable. My wife also thinks I should get it cut, but at the same time she seems resigned to me carrying out my little experiment. On the other hand, a student says she likes it, and Mary Ellen (of cover contest fame) says it makes me look hipper.

The symbolic power of hair is interesting (think of Samson and Delilah) although I really don't want to get very deeply into it right now. We all know that in the sixties and seventies hair length was an outward sign of an inner free spirit. By the mid-seventies, even the squares had hair falling past the tops of their ears along with extravagant side-burns and mustaches, and this corresponded to society becoming more open, relaxed and tolerant.

Monks and punks are notoriously shorn, and there was something monastic about the way I had been keeping my hair. Now, I ain't one of them hippie drum-circle sombitches, but let's think about it: on a hypothetical spectrum, with close-cropped on one end (along with the attendant respectability and conformity); and crazy afros and free-flowing locks on the other (signifying waving the free flag high) .... Catamount Community radio tends toward the long-hair side.

So, don't bother with socks and don't comb your locks, just leave your hairs and come downstairs to tune in to Catamount Community Radio, 10-12 Sunday morning at 90.5 FM, and filling the internet tubes with magic at

Jim Dandy rocks the cover contest like a boss.

1. "Lust for Life"

a) by Iggy Pop
b) covered by Tom Jones & the Pretenders

2. "In the Jailhouse Now"

a) by Jimmie Rodgers
b) covered by Steve Earle

3. "Burnin' Down the House"

a) by The Talking Heads
b) covered by Tom Jones & the Cardigans

4. "Jambalaya"

a) by Hank Williams
b) covered by The Residents


1. Christian McBride & Dr. Billy Taylor - Spiritual
2. Diana Krall - Glad Rag Doll
3. Frank Zappa - Little Umbrellas
4. Al Green - Back Up, Train
5. Paul Bley - Flashpoint
6. Tom Jones & the Pretenders - Lust for Life
7. Marcus Roberts - Hidden Hues
8. Rufus Wainwright - Poses
9. Lester Young - Lester Blows Again
10. Laurie Anderson - Flow
11. Steve Earle - In the Jailhouse Now
12. Abdullah Ibrahim - The Wedding
13. Vince Gill & Terri Clark - I Can't Keep You in Love with Me
14. A Tribe Called Quest - Melotonin
15. Rahsaan Roland Kirk 3-in-1 Without the Oil
16. Paul Bley & Gary Peacock - How Long
17. Rufus Wainwright - Vibrate
18. Houston Person - You've Changed
19. Hank Williams - (I Can't Help It) If I'm Still in Love with You
20. Tom Jones & the Cardigans - Burnin' Down the House
21. Duke Ellington - Rockin' in Rhythm
22. Nostalgia 77 & the Monster - Island in the Sun
23. RDM & Aquila Rose - Big Yellow Taxi
24. Sufjan Stevens - The Upper Peninsula
25. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Lady's Blues
26. The Residents - Jambalaya
27. Lata Mangeshkar - Mera Padhne Mein Nahin
28. Rufus Wainwright - Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
29. Paul Bley & Gary Peacock - Where Can UB
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