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Catamount Community Radio - September 22, 2019

The blurb:

"Time to flex my fingers and come up with some sort of promotional blurb for Catamount Community Radio. This will not be hard because, while my physique has been trending lately toward meager, my prose remains as muscular and nimble as ever.

One thing for certain is a John Coltrane tribute. Coltrane was born September 23, 1926, right here in North Carolina. A case could be, and certainly has been, made that he is one of the greatest musicians ever to tread this valley of tears.

Another thing is et cetera. I will be playing a set or two of et cetera. Amidst the et cetera will be interspersed the cover contest. You will need your tinfoil-tipped antennae, your boogie shoes and your thinking cap (if you can remember where you left it). In addition, it will help if the planets are aligned in a way propitious to your success.

Catamount Community Radio, at 90.5 on the FM dial and on the World Wide Web at"


Mary Ellen regains the imaginary cardboard crown in this week's cover contest.

1. Ernest Ranglin does a reggae instrumental

a) title - "Everybody's Talkin'"
b) a hit for - Glen Campbell
c) about - heroin

2. Michael Jackson's "I Can't Help It"

a) covered by Esperanza Spalding
b) tenor sax by - Joe Lovano

3. Billy Taylor's most famous tune, played by the composer

a) title - "I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free"
b) associated with - Nina Simone

4. Lou Donaldson plays a famous tune from back in the thirties, Title - "Glory of Love"

Jimmy Durante's version:


1. Duke Ellington - The Star-crossed Lovers
2. The Cars - Bye Bye Love
3. Quincy Jones - Pink Panther Theme
4. Gonzalo Rubalcava - Hip Side
5. Ernest Ranglin - Everybody's Talkin'
6. Moondog - All is Lonliness
7. John Coltrane -Like Someone in Love
8. Miles Davis - Trane's Bues
9. Esperanza Spalding - I Can't Help It
10. The Lounge Lizards - Bob & Nico
11. Jason Moran - Arizona Landscape
12. Brenda Lee - Break it to me Gently
13. Ornette Coleman - The Men who Work in the White House
14. Nate Cole - Rose Room
15. Sly & th Family Stone - The Skin I'm In
16. John Coltrane & Duke Ellington - My Little Brown Book
17. Billy Taylor - I Wish I Knew How it would Feel to be Free
18. Nancy Sinatra - The Last of the Secret Agents
19. Lou Donaldson - Glory of Love
20. John Coltrane - Alabama
21. John Coltrane - Satellite
22. John Coltrane Johnny Hartman - My One and Only Love
23. The Meters - Liver Splash
24. The Kronos Quartet - Mini-Skirt
25. Ream Daranoi - Fai Yen
26. Count Basie - Honeysuckle Rose
27. Jason Moran - The Sun at Midnight

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