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Catamount Community Radio - January 21, 2018

I pull in to the station this morning ... cars there. Great, I'm not going to have the station to myself, and it was like 9:58, and I'm expected to be on the air at 10:00.

It was the Station Manager and the Program Coordinator ... they told me that the internet stream was down; wonderful, I thought, is it going to be another two and a half years before it starts streaming again. But alas, it was indeed streaming, as I learned from James D., a new listener! (not to be confused with Jim Dandy) But I didn't find out until after the show.

Mary Ellen emails me: what's up with the cover contest? I didn't run it this week because I thought nobody was listening ... but it'll be back next week.

See you next week.

1. Trygve Siem – Himmerlrand I Tidevand – Part IV
2. Sonny Stitt & Oscar Peterson – I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
3. Frankie Valli – Can’t Take my Eyes Off You
4. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes for You
5. Danilo Pérez – Bright Mississippi
6. Django Reinhardt – Sweet Georgia Brown
7. Hank Williams – Just Waitin’
8. Nickel Creek – Tomorrow is a Long Time
9. Sonny Boy Williamson – Help Me
10. Ben Allison – Goin’ Back
11. Paul Simon – Question for the Angels
12. Jelly Roll Morton – Doctor Jazz
13. Marcus Roberts – Elite Sycnopations
14. Pat Metheny – Rainy Days and Mondays
15. Serge Gainsbourg – Iontoxicated Man
16. Dinah Washington – I Sold my Heart to the Junkman
17. Dorothy Dandridge – Smooth Operator
18. John Zorn – Gevurah
19. Neil Young – Razor Love
20. Roland Alfonso – One Thousand Tons of Megaton
21. Futurisic Ensemble – In the Dark
22. Nick Lowe – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
23. U2 – Peace on Earth
24. Bill Charlap – I’ll remember April
25. Les Paul & Mary Ford – I’m a Foold to Care
26. Alfredo Gutiérrez – Ojos indios
27. Brad Mehldau – Alfie
28. Duke Ellington – Echoes of Harlem
29. Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Serenity


More fun than 2 guys in a barrel?

I seen them 2 guys in the studio before you showed up and thought they were doing a live show. I wasn't watching the camera when you got there though. I had moved to my bedroom computer to listen from there because the music kept dropping and I thought it was either my cheap ass lap top or my crappy internet service. It played fine though after that and I realize, only now as I am typing this, that it was probably because of those 2 guys in the studio. Wow. Anyway, great show! Plus it was more comfortable listening from the sunny side of the house with my cat in the window.
Thanks for the Sweet Django!

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