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Catamount Community Radio - November 26, 2017

Second week streaming again. So much fun. Brought back the cover contest,just like the old days ... and just like the old days, Mary Ellen and Jim Dandy tied! Mary Ellen quipped, "like kissing your sister."


1. a) "In-a-gadda-da-vida"
b) Iron Butterfly

2. a) written by Phil Ochs
b) interpreted by Gordon Lightfoot

3. a) "Crazy"
b) played by Bill Frisell
c) written by Wille Nelson
d) a hit for Patsy Cline

4. a) sung by Glen Campbell
b) written by Fred Neil
c) a hit for Harry Nilsson
d) about heroin

"Everybody's talking at me
I don't hear a word they're saying
Only the echoes of my mind
People stopping, staring
I can't see their faces
Only the shadows of their eyes"

1. Gale Garnett – We’ll Sing in the Sunshine
2. Poncho Sánchez – One Mint Julep
3. Nick Lowe – House for Sale
4. Dizzy Gillespie – Groovin’ High
5. Sly & the Family Stone – If You Want me to Stay
6. Ray Brown – Cool Walk
7. James Carter – Slam’s Mishap
8. Mongo Santamaría – In-a-Gadda-da-Vida *
9. Lee Konitz – Fooling Myself
10. Paul Whiteman – Charleston
11. Taj Mahal – Chevrolet
12. Mary Lou Williams – Walkin’ and Swingin’
13. Gordon Lightfoot – Changes *
14. Kaki King – Carmine Street
15. Pearl Bailey & Hot Lips Page – The Hucklebuck
16. Christian McBride Big Band – Getting’ to It
17. Benny Green – Cool Walk
18. Bill Frisell – Crazy *
19. Little Walter – Juke
20. Jim Campilongo – Chelsea Bridge
21. Tower of Power – What is Hip?
22. Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein (fragment)
23. Glen Campbell – Everybody’s Talkin’ *
24. Benny Goodman – King Porter Stomp
25. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – It’s a Grand Nighht for Swinging
26. New York Dolls – Maimed Happiness
27. Kronos Quartet – Mini Skirt
28. The Meters – Liver Splash
29. Mel Tormé – Let’s Take a Walk Around the Block
30. Walter Smith III – Blues



I just wrote a long clever comment about my wrong answers but it disappeared while signing over from google to livejournal.
Something fishy here that I can't figure out right now, but I shall return with wit in hand! Good show, anyway!!!

Re: aHaa

my live journal I think is paid, but unless I'm signed in there are ads. When you're on the page do you ads or not?

Re: aHaa

No ads here. At least not today. Still I need to reacquaint myself with LJ some time.

Re: aHaa

A followup to my LJ conundrum. Somehow, Google+ high-jacked my sign-in's and started a brand new LJ account that has no friends or history. Therefore it wasn't responding as usual for me. I was just now able to sign in to my original account. (I tried last night but used the wrong name and password and was told that account was deleted.) Anyway, I'm back.

Re: aHaa

Oh and thanks! I enjoy doing the show when I know that somebody is listening.

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