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Catamount Community Radio - October 1, 2017

Wow, it looks I'm about three weeks behind on posting playlists. I'll get around to it.

So I arrive at the station this morning and I realize that even in the studio I can't pick up the station's signal at 90.5, so I called the station manager and left him a message, and started fixin' to leave. I get a call back a few minutes later and it turns out that the station is indeed transmitting ... just not everywhere. So I did the show, starting at 10:20 rather than at 10:00.

In other news,

Georgia Johnson and the Sensations, the soul band I'm playing bass in, had a gig last night at the local cocktail bar, meaning it was 2:00 a.m by the time I got to bed. Over the course of the evening I dealt with several drunk people ... pretty annoying.

It was Mountain Heritage Day on campus yesterday, or as Tyler so cheekily calls it, "Heritage not Hate Day." I stopped by, merely to check out the food stalls, not to listen to the bluegrass (which I have always liked but that no longer thrills me like it once did). I decided to get a lamb gyro, not easy to get your hands on every day in these parts, a lamb gyro, that's a way to celebrate Appalachian culture, right? I got cut in front of three times in the line. Really?

I'm off on my semi-annual pilgrimage to NYC in a couple of weeks. I heard that Springsteen is dong a one-man thing on Broadway. So I thought, "well maybe..." So I check out tickets today, and they're going for a grand or more a pop! Out of my price range, I guess.

I'll get caught up on playlists one of these days.



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