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Catamount Community Radio - January 29, 2017

So my legions of fans get themselves a cup of mud, fire up the wireless and listen to the following records:

1. Charles Mingus – Theme for Lester Young
2. James P. Johnson – If I Could Be with You One Hour Tonight
3. Bobby Parker – Watch Your Step
4. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
5. Christian Scott – So What
6. The Meters – Look-ka Py Py
7. Jeff Coffin – First Comes Last
8. Jimi Hendrix – Slow Blues
9. Dinah Washington – Fat Daddy
10. Joel Frahm – Pennies from Heaven
11. Carole King – Crying in the Rain
12. Joe Henderson – Lotus Blossom
13. Duke Ellington – Isfahan
14. Larry Goldings – Beautiful Dreamer
15. Tinariwen – Chet Boghassa
16. Ernesto Lecuona – La comparsa
17. Chucho Valdés – La comparsa
18. John Mayer – Daughters
19. Ted Nash – Sidewalk Meeting (reprise)
20. Harry Connick, Jr. – You Didn’t Know Me When
21. Bill Charlap – Tiny’s Tempo
22. Gladys Knoght – I’ve Got to Use my Imagination
23. Ben Webster – Tenderly
24. Cornelius – Brazil
25. Cassandra Wilson – Wichita Lineman
26. Eric Reed – The Dancing Monk
27. Roland Alphonso – Blackberry Brandy
28. Nicholas Payton – Cannibas Leaf, Pt. 1
29. Duke Ellington – C-Jam Blues


Everyday is like Sunday

I tried six ways to Sunday to listen in on you today. My wireless music objects could not find you, nor could I connect via your stations world wide web page. There isn't even a listen now button any more (or less.)
However, I was able to watch you pace around like the man behind the curtain with your electronic contraption by way of the studio web cam. So if you need an alibi and a witness, I can testify your whereabouts for those 2 hours. "Hallelujah!" (That's me testifying.)
That said, I spent my time with some Morrissey/Smiths documentaries that a friend loaned me. We had attended a Morrissey concert together a year or two ago, so I gave him the first stab at that book you sent me. He finished it and returned it already. (He is a superbig Mozz fan. So, thanks again for that. It is awesome!
Stop me if you think you've heard this one before.

Re: Everyday is like Sunday

The gov't-approved technician has been at the station this past week, and will be there next week too. I have my fingers that he'll get to it this week, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm not really familiar with the Smiths of Morrissey, I just find it interesting how many Mexicans dig him, plus I regularly read the guy who wrote the prologue (Gustavo Arellano). Good to hear from you. You'll be the first to know when the stream is back up!

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