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Catamount Community Radio - January 22, 2017

Another Sunday, another radio show. I arrived at the station, and who was there but Travis, the Program Director. Before he left, I asked him about the internet stream, and he said there was a good chance that it would be up again soon. One can only hope. When it does come back, I'm going to start with the cover contest again.

I usually try to avoid politics on the internet, but not because I'm not interested in politics ... I am. I just don't like the attendant feuding ... and I'm thin-skinned, not like Trump ... I don't lash back when attacked, I'm more of a retreat-and-regret type. But I did hang on FB a post about the women's march yesterday - both spousal unit and issue were in DC to march - and I got some flack back: why are they protesting? I thought to myself: totally disingenuous. You may not have TV, but you have internet, because this is a FB post. But maybe you only watch Fox News, and even that, not often, so it is conceivable that one not know why the female women ladies are marching... but barely so. One last thing ... "alternate fact." Think about that. Enough politics.

I think because of a royalty thing, we were given a "do not play" list. It doesn't affect me much, because most of the artists on it are not candidates for CCR anyway... but David Bowie? Ouch. That hurts. Since his death I've been slowly studying the Bowie archive and realizing how much I've been missing. Oh well.

Sunday mornings 10-12 on the East coast. Just think, it is conceivable that I'm streaming again next week. I'll believe it when it happens.

1. Matt Wilson – No Outerwear
2. Ernestine Anderson – They Didn’t Believe Me
3. NEXT Collective – Marvin’s Room
4. Marcus Roberts – Elite Syncopation
5. Kenny Burrell – Girl Talk
6. Blossom Dearie – I Won’t Dance
7. Sonny Rollins – Surrey with a Fringe on Top
8. Louis Armstrong – La vie en rose
9. Harry Nilsson – Turn on your Radio
10. Nancy Wilson – You’ve Got Your Troubles
11. Don Redman – Chant of the Weed
12. Jay McShann – I’ll See You in Your Dreams
13. Astor Piazzola – Libertango
14. Haruomi Hosono – Sea of Tau
15. Louis Jordan – Early in the Morning
16. Howlin’ Wolf – Hidden Charms
17. Hank Williams - Lost Highway
18. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
19. Count Basie – Texas Shuffle
20. Illinois Jacquet – Stardust
21. Etta James – Say It Isn’t So
22. John Zorn – Laughing Owl
23. Wynton Marsalis & Richard Galliano – La foule
24. Brad Mehldau – Old Man
25. The Cosmic Rays – Bye Bye
26. Joe Lovano – I’ve Got the World on a String
27. Delta Rhythm Boys w/ Les Paul – What Would it Take?
28. Dr. Billy Taykor & Christian McBride – Spiritual



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