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Catamount Community Radio - January 8, 2016

Driving in today (it was too cold for biking and plus, I wanted to bring a vacuum cleaner with me), I saw a young lady driving with only the driver's side of the front window cleared of snow. That is "stupid." (Donald Somebody puts the word in quotation marks in his tweets - what's up with that, by the way? I don't think he knows or cares what quotation marks are for.)

After the show, I bought a sandwich. The cost was $4.01. I gave the dude at the register a ten-dollar bill and a dime. But he rang it up as $10.00, so the register reported my change as $5.99. I had to tell him what the proper change should be - and this is not the first time that has happened. I don't think this guy is "stupid," but rather that he is not in the habit of doing addition and subtraction in his head.

Pretty much all jazz today, with the exception of an afropop / cubano set in the middle.

1. John Coltrane – My Ideal
2. Keith Garrett – When I Fall in Love
3. Johnny Hartman – Almost Like a Song
4. Fats Waller – I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
5. Fats Navarro & Dexter Gordon – Dextrose
6. Buddy DeFranco – Twelve Tone Blues
7. Sonny Stitt – (I Don’t Stand) A Ghost of a Chance
8. Tina Turner & Herbie Hancock – Edith and the Kingpin
9. Bill Frisell – Messin’ with the Kid
10. Wynton Marsalis Quartet – Free to Be
11. Orlando “Cachaíto” López – Wahira
12. Wendo Kolosoy – Soki Oyoki Victoria
13. Manu Dibongo – Soul Makossa
14. Ray Baretto – Descarga la moderna
15. Monty Alexander – Crazy Baldheads
16. Ben Allison – Goin’ Back
17. Ike Quebec – A Light Reprise
18. Sheila Jordan – Falling in Love with Love
19. 3 Cohens – Tiger Rag
20. Eric Reed – Work
21. Sarah Vaughan – Mean to Me
22. Walter Smith III – Henya
23. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Petite fleur
24. Ballin’ the Jack – The Big Head



I'm an idiot too. I can't figure out how to replace the toner cartridge in my printer.

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