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Catamount Community Radio - November 13, 2016

There was a Spanish writer from the late 1800s or the early 1900s, Valle-Inclán or Unamuno, who wrote about something called "abulia." It refers to the condition of a lack of will or diminished motivation. I confess that I suffer from abulia ... sounds more sophisticated than simple laziness.

I used to enjoy typing about the songs I played, citing the lyrics, telling stories about the musicians, talking about my life. But lately I've let things slide. I see that blank page, and I'm like, "...eh..." And I even have stories up my sleeve that have yet to be told.

Part of reason I don't play basketball much anymore is abulia. (The other reason is that it makes my knees hurt, not to mention that I fear dropping dead of a heart attack in the middle of the game.) I hardly read books anymore, either.

The good part is that there are intervals when I feel inspired for some reason, and I hope that these start occurring with more frequency. What happens is that I look at myself and I say, C'mon, Mark, do something! You can "take it easy" when you're dead. Plus, think of the fun you're denying yourself!

1. Larry Goldings – I Think it’s Going to Rain Today
2. Madeleine Peyroux – Dance Me to the End of Love
3. Claude Thornhill – Sometimes I’m Happy
4. Charlie Parker w/strings – Just Friends
5. The Cactus Blossoms – Adiós, María
6. Heinz Sauer & Michael Follny – Nothing Compares 2 U
7. Trineo – Humoroso
8. Marisa Monte – Para mais ninguem
9. Nicholas Payton – Tiger Rag
10. Charles Mingus – Good-bye Pork Pie Hat
11. Count Basie – One O’Clock Jump
12. Matt Wilson – Tenderly
13. John Lee Hooker – Motor City is Burning
14. Clark Terry – Boomering
15. Leonard Cohen – Darkness
16. Marcus Roberts – Monk’s Mood
17. Bettye Swann – Then You Can Tell Me Good-bye
18. Prince Lasha w/ Sonny Simmons – A.Y.
19. Betty Carter – I Can’t Help It
20. Betty Carter – Shine on, Harvest Moon
21. Joseph Spence – The Crow
22. Joseph Spence – Living on the Hallelujah Side
23. Terrence Blanchard – Morning After Celebration
24. Mary Ann McCall – Big Butter and Egg Man
25. Clark Terry & Oscar Peterson – Mumbles
26. Nicholas Payton – Zigaboogaloo
27. Nick Lowe – Changing all those Changes
28. Vibulator – Pocket Monster



Ah-Boo-Yah, brother!
I have been suffering in silence.

Re: Solidarity

I'm gonna play basketball tomorrow, and I'm gonna write about my trip to Knoxville!

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