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Catamount Community Radio - May 22, 2016

I'm sure that listening you would never notice that anything was other than usual. But two things were. One, I forgot my glasses, so I was squinting all morning to try to read the song titles and the count-down times on the CD players. And two, I have a new computer in my office, which has no DVD/CD drive, so I was unable to make playlists and burn CDs. So I just grabbed a stack of CDs that I had burned for earlier shows and winged it. On a typical Sunday, I have a pretty firm playlist in mind. Today I just flew by the seat of my pants.

I'm looking at my handwritten playlist - what horrible handwriting!

Schtick? "C'mon up to my apartment. We'll listen to some Django Reinhardt records and I'll show you my etchings." I can't count the times I've used that one.

1. Wynton Marsalis – Where or When
2. Burning Spear – Workshop
3. Nick Lowe – I Trained her to Love Me
4. Bessie Smith – After You’ve Gone
5. Marissa Monte – Para mais ninguem
6. Cyrus Chestnut – Indigo Blue
7. Teddy Wilson – Limehouse Blues
8. Prince – Sign o’ the Times
9. Trío Cervantes – Drume, negrita
10. Charles Mingus – Slop
11. Sonora Ponceña – Night in Tunisia
12. Sade – Still in Love with You
13. Benny Green – Pittsburgh Brethren
14. Paul Simon – Questions for the Angels
15. Belle Baker – Jubilee Blues
16. Django Reinhardt – I’ll See You in my Dreams
17. Larry Goldings & Harry Allen – Lucky Am I
18. Nick Lowe – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
19. Lester Young – Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
20. Chuck Berry – Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
21. Larry Goldings – Take Me Out to the Ballpark
22. Coleman Hawkins – Thru for the Night
23. Abdullah Ibrahim- Third Line Samba
24. Bob Marley – One Drop
25. Stevie Wonder – Boggie On Reggae Woman
26. Sarah Vaughan – Come Rain or Come Shine
27. Tony Bennet – Last Night When We Were Young
28. Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue
29. Bill Frisell – That’s Alright, Mama
30. Orinn Evans – The Sound of Philadelphia



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