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Catamount Community Radio - April 3, 2016

I have to confess that my enthusiasm for doing this radio show is not at an apogee, but I still enjoy it and take pride in it. What I miss is the feedback, the emails from Jim Dandy telling me what's cooking up in Maine and the answers to the cover contest questions, Nico up in NYC saying thanks for the Aphex Twin, Susan in Mancelona digging the Nick Lowe, Mary Ellen's "Damn, I edged out Jim Dandy this week!" The internet stream has been down since May of 2015, and the students who run the station don't have any clear idea of when it will be up again, and the higher-ups have mastered the evasive reply. So, I'm gonna keep on keepin' on; I'm gonna do the best I can. I'm gonna stick to it. I will keep on playing my finger-snapping, happening jazz, my funk and my country, my electronica, my hip hop and my etc, and maybe soon we'll enter a new phase of radiophonic plenitude.

Next week's show is about place: songs with place names in their titles, songs about the road and travel, about places near and far. My playlist is already overflowing .... more than enough tunes for a two-hour show.

You hang in there too. The magic will be back and until it is I will keep you believing that it never slipped away in the first place.

1. Bill Frisell – Beautiful Dreamer
2. Duke Ellington – East St. Louis Toodle-oo
3. Clifford Brown – Joy Spring
4. Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil – Desde que o samba es samba
5. Fats Waller – Birmingham Blues
6. Art Pepper – Mambo a la pinto
7. Billie Holiday – Some Other Spring
8. Hank Mobley – Dig Dis
9. Cory Henry – Afro Brooklyn
10. NEXT Collective – Africa
11. Orquesta Aragón – La comparsa
12. Herbie Hancock – Theives in the Temple
13. Anita O’Day – Let’s Face the Music and Dance
14. Louis Armstrong – Weather Bird
15. Omer Avital – Sabah el-kheir
16. Yusef Lateef – Titoria
17. Christian Scott – The Crawler
18. Kokolo – Our Own Thing
19. David Bowie – Lazarus
20. Branford Marsalis – Mo Better Blues
21. Coleman Hawkins – A Half Step Down, Please
22. Aaron Parks – Roadside Distraction
23. Herbie Nichols Project – Karna Kangi
24. Maouf – Tarwater
25. Miles Davis - Orbits

Clifford Brown


What's the frequency, Kenneth?

If only there was a way to broadcast your show without the radio station. I would say send out your playlist in advance and make us do the work of finding the songs to play a somewhat similar show simultaneously but that would be insane. And, we would not hear your lovely voice. Maybe if you were able to post the unlabeled songs from the contest here in advance with the question we could pretend to play along. Or if you have unlimited minutes on your phone we could have a 2 hour long conference call...or maybe there's a way to do that from your laptop. (Ive never Skyped or Facetimed, so don't know how that all works..) Or maybe there is someone at your college that smart enough to find the RESET BROADCAST button.
As for me, I just turn my TV on to fill the void. However, I will try to tell you what I'm up to more often. I do miss that weekly dialog. Should I use the cover contest address as before or would you prefer another email address?
If I had heard this show, I would have thanked you for playing Lazarus. Keep on keeping on.

Edited at 2016-04-04 03:30 pm (UTC)

Re: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

These are cool ideas from the head of a crazy genius who is not crazy. Let's use couture.mr @ gmail. until the stream is up and I reinstate the cover contest. I have a file on my iTunes of just covers. I'll be set for like four weeks. Thanks for the kind words, brother... cheered me right the fyuk up.

Re: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

You got it, .mr

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