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Catamount Community Radio - March 6, 2016

I walk into my office this morning, and (I have a thermometer) it's 91 degrees in here! Yawza! Once I came back down the hill after the show, I opened the window, and now it's down to a comfy 79.

Lot's of fun today, as you can see for yourself.

My parents used to call margarine "oleo" way back when. Who would eat margarine, anyway? Sonny Rollins showed us his bebop chops on that tune.

Ben Webster played the Gershwin chestnut "Someone to Watch Over Me." Not that anyone would care, but yesterday I re-harmonized a measure of that tune, which I have been working on on the piano.

Nick Lowe reads a lot, and not just magazines, but other, more serious, things.

Come Sunday I'm on the air. Tune in. I'm hoping that the internet stream is back soon.

90.5 on your FM dial.

1. Marcus Roberts – Elite Syncopations
2. Duke Ellington – Eque
3. Lonnie Johnson – Tomorrow Night
4. Sonny Rollins – Oleo
5. Paul Simon – Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes
6. Abdullah Ibrahim – Calypso Minor Remix
7. Ben Webster – Someone to Watch Over Me
8. Al Green – Hot Wire
9. Bill Charlap – Cool
10. Nick Lowe – I Read a Lot
11. Dexter Gordon – Bikini
12. Frank Sinatra – One for my Baby (and One More for the Road)
13. Matt Wilson – No Outerwear
14. Stevie Wonder – Boogie On, Reggae Woman
15. Abdullah Ibrahim – In a Sentimental Mood
16. Duke Ellington – Take the “A” Train
17. Aki Takase – Take the Coltrane
18. Aaron Neville – Tell it Like it is
19. Andy Kirk & his Clouds of Joy – Walkin’ and Swingin’
20. Nicholas Payton – People Make the World go Round
21. Johnnie Ray – Cry
22. Aretha Frnaklin – Soulville
23. Andrew Hill – Venture Inward
24. Jamey Johnson & Alison Krauss – Make the World go Away
25. Merle Haggard – That’s the Way Love Goes
26. The Lounge Lizxards – Carry Me Out
27. Cassandra Wilson – Run the Voodoo Down
28. Nat Cole – Rose Room
29. Erroll Garnder – Moonglow
30. Sir Roland Hanna – Come Sunday

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