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miscellany (XI)

1. Lately, Jim and I have become members of Adrian Belew's virtual community. If you were into rock music from, say, 1977 to 1983, Adrian Belew is a key name. He played with Frank Zappa, David Bowie, King Crimson, Talking Heads, etc. He has now started blogging, and he has some great stuff up at his site. Plus, he's, as you say in Spanish, "entrañable" (charming, dear, deep, beloved, winning ... no exact translation cuts it). In one of his latest entries, you can see him playing Frank Zappa's Strat, the very guitar that Jimi Hendrix lit at Monterrey back in '67.


2. Today's recipie is for a portabello mushroom omelet. Dice a generous bit of garlic. Slice your mushrooms. Heat a pan with olive oil. When hot, throw in the garlic. Just before it starts to brown, the sliced mushooms go in. You need to cook them down. Meanwhile, crack some eggs and put them in a bowl. Get a fork and stir them up a bit. When the mushrooms are ready, fold them into the eggs, then plop the whole thing back into the pan. You can turn it over the French way, or flip it, Spanish style. Salt and pepper. This is a tasty omelet.

3. In Michigan we sometimes find morel mushrooms this time of year. The flavor is so subtle that you would be a brute if you adulterated it with garlic. With morels what you do is simply sautee them in butter. And serve them with some venison that one of your deer-hunting friends provides you with. My brother, whose eyesight is not nearly as good as mine, nevertheless has a better nose for the morels. He finds more than I do every time. If I could be anywhere I wanted to be, I would be in the northern Michigan woods right now, hunting for morels.

4. I stayed up till 3:30 last night with Jack Black's book. I feel the pressure now for a first rate book review.


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Ain't you the clever one! A moving mushroom. You must e-mail me your secret. I could watch this for hours. Shroom goes up, shroom goes down, shroom goes up, shroom goes down, shroom goes up, shroom goes down...Doh!

mushroom hunting

Luck. I was just looking for a picture of morel and this is the one I found.

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