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Catamount Community Radio - January 3, 2016

I'm back in North Carolina after passing some time in Michigan, and so the radio show is back after a two-week hiatus. I'm glad I took my bicycle with me up there, because most of the time we were there there was no snow. But the second-to-last day there was a snow storm, enough snow for issue and I to do a little sledding. I took a lot of pictures, some of which I'll post on Mondo Marco when I get around to it.

I did a lot of reading while up north; I estimate around 1,000 pages worth. I reread A Confederacy of Dunces (I don't tire of this book no matter how many times I read it). I read a JD Salinger book, several articles from the New Yorker, a Cortázar short story (the one I have been recently been writing about), and finally Bob Dylan's memoir (Chronicles, Volume 1). With this last book in mind, I played a few Dylan numbers today.

"Gigolo and gigolette
still sing a song
and dance along
the Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

- just heard that on Jonsey - nice line.

I listened to the playback of the show on cassette. It was a good show, and forgive me for being egocentric, I enjoy listening to myself talk ... not that anybody else does.

We heard a couple versions of "I'll See You in my Dreams," Jay McShann on the 88s, and Ella singing it.

Still no internet stream ... I give up on that. 90.5 on your FM dial. Sunday mornings, 10-12.

1. The Crusaders – Tough Talk
2. Hot Lips Page & Pearl Bailey – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
3. Count Basie – Every Tub
4. Bobby Watson – Lemoncello
5. Hary Nilsson – Turn On Your Radio
6. Jamey Johnson & Merle Haggard – I Fall to Pieces
7. Barney Bigard – Diga Diga Doo
8. Bob Dylan – Tomorrow is a Long Place
9. Bob Dylan – Trying to Get to Heaven
10. Johnny Dankworth – Weller Never Did
11. Muluqen Mellese – Gizie Degu Neger
12. Ballin’ the Jack – Texas Shuffle
13. Jimmie Rodgers – Waiting for a Train
14. Clifford Coulter – Alum Rock Park
15. Jay McShann – I’ll See You in my Dreams
16. Ella Fitzgerald – I’ll See You in my Dreams
17. Johnny Cash – Hidden Shame
18. Jamey Johnson & Elvis Costello – She’ll be Back
19. Sidestepper – In Beats We Trust
20. Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Sugar Plum
21. Sonny Stitt – Sancho Panza
22. Hosono – Japanese nonsense 1
23. Miharu Koshi – L’absinthe
24. Joshua Redman – Hide and Seek
25. Johnny Dankworth –Dodson & Fogg
26. U2 – Peace on Earth
27. Hosono – Sea of Tau



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