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Talkin' on the Cell Phone and Driving

The results of my study are in. The sexes are equally guilty of this nefarious crime.

mcouture decided to check the gender of the first 50 cell-phone talkin' drivers he ran across. The results:

male: 26
female: 24



"Yes dear...but, honey...no dear...but..."

Further investigation revealed that 24 of the males were answering a call from a female, and the other 2 were on hold while the females on the other end were talking to 2 of the other males.


Further Investigation Funny But Faulty

Jim Dandy's further investigation suggests that females initiate conversation, whereas males only respond, here on a livejournal site where he and the male blogger tend to be the only ones talking!


Re: Further Investigation Funny But Faulty

Busted! (pun intended)

Re: Further Investigation Funny But Faulty

Hey Jim Dandy, I guess what we need to do is (live)wire our cars so that we can blog at the wheel ("I'm coming up to the stoplight ... ever wonder why it's called a stop-light, and not a go-light?... That reminds me ... "etc)

Re: Further Investigation Funny But Faulty

Hey! Maybe there's a way to do it from our cell phones.
But then, that would raise the ratio of males from 26 up to 28, and the females would still be at 24.
I don't think there's a way to win this one.

(unrelated to this, I see we both tagged in the same comment stream on the Elephant Blog. I should have name dropped you as you did for me. Next opportunity I will.)

Thanks, B

for commenting. Jim Dandy is the man (pun not intended, but accepted), but it's nice to have a different take of things every once in a while. This was a toss off blog, but I've never had so many comments! Thanks, B, for reading! Tell your friends! If you don't have any friends, tell your enemies! If you don't have any enemies, tell your enemas! I'll stop now.

Re: Thanks, B

Sadly but enjoyably, this is the extent of my current social life. haha. And shame on you, Mark, for tossing off in public!

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