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Catamount Community Radio - November 29, 2015

Kind of a Thanksgiving show today, with the usual thankful songs, as you can see. The usual Nemerov poem:

"Infant mortality didn't, as they say, claim me, though it damn near did. So I grew what they call 'up.' To the childhood illnesses routine for those times I added only paratyphoid on my own. I was never starved nor did my parents whip me or leave me chained to the bed. Nor did I get born a Jew in Germany. Plus, I went to their war and didn't die of it. Leaving aside my adventures among the dentists (your teeth are fine but those gums have got to go), my skirmishes with medicine include but a couple of major operations and a few discomfortable bothers with skeleton and strings. I have so far stayed out of asylums and jails and given the smawth and fewth of my abilities, have been lucky in being steadily employed. I'm still with the same dame, have three sons; have lost to death up to this day only a few family and five good friends. So help me, life, I may still make it to the end."

I don't play a lot of hip hop, but I did drop some Eric B. & Rakim:

"I can take a phrase
that's hardly heard
flip it
Now it's a daily word."

I think in all the years he was active, he never inserted a curse word in his rhymes.

1. Sly & the Family Stone – Thankful and Thoughtful
2. Benny Goodman – Lullaby of the Leaves
3. Charles Mingus – Pussy Cat Dues
4. Bing Crosby – I’ve Got Plenty to be Thoughtful For
5. Madeleine Peyroux – J’ai deux amours
6. Raymond Scot Quintet – War Dance for Wooden Indians
7. Matt Wilson – Happy Days are Here Again
8. World Saxophone Quartet – Requim for Julius
9. Duke Ellington – Solitude
10. Ella Fitzgerald – Solitude
11. Charlie Parker – Kiack-Overseeds-Tene
12. Frank Sinatra – That’s Love
13. Sketch Show – Return
14. William DeVaughn –Be Thankful for What You Got
15. Bill Frisell et. al. – My Thief
16. Duke Ellington – Honeysuckle Rose
17. Beach Boys – Don’t Worry, Baby
18. Kronos Quartet – Crepuscule with Nellie
19. Ray Davies – Working Man’s Café
20. Wynton Marsalis – Big Butter and Egg Man
21. Hank Ballard – The Hoochi Coochi Coo
22. Howard Nemerov – Tyhanksgrieving
23. Willie Nelson – It’s Npot Supposed to be that Way
24. Bob Marley – Give Thanks and Praise
25. Tampa Red – New Bad Luck Blues
26. NEXT Collective – Thank You
27. Eric B. & Rakim – Follow the Leader
28. Orinn Evans – Blues Connotation
29. Hall & Oates – Thank you for
30. Walter Smith III – Henya

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