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Catamount Community Radio - October 25, 2015

Another Sunday morning, another radio show. The tires screech, and we're under way. Jazz, accordions, shenanigans.

Blossom Dearie sang "Tea for Two." Talk about internal rhymes:

I'm discontented with homes that I've rented
So I have invented my own.
Darling, this place is lovely oasis
Where life's weary taste is unknown.

We heard Joe DeFrancesco play "Never Can Say Goodbye," and later the original Jackson 5 version. When I get some time on my hands, and on other body parts, I'm going to write out a two-part harmony chart.

We wrestled the airwaves away from the electric guitars, and the accordion player in Benny Goodman's quintet took over, at least briefly. And then Adrian Belew, Jimmy Page and Lightnin' Hopkins' electric guitars snatched the airwaves back.

"Here's to the losers":

Here's to those who drink their dinners when that lady doesn't show
To the girl who'll wait for kisses underneath that mistletoe
To the lonely summer lovers when the leaves begin to fall
Here's to the losers, bless them all

"Down with Love":

Down with love
the flowers and rice and shoes

Down with love
the root of all midnight blues

Down with things
that give you that well-known pain

Take that moon wrap it in cellophane

I played hip hop for the first time in ages, A Tribe Called Quest doing "Excursions." One of my favorite hip hop things, and probably the best incorporation of jazz into hip hop.

Back in the days when I was a teenager
Before I had status and before I had a pager
You could find the Abstract listening to hip hop
My pops used to say, it reminded him of be-bop
I said, well daddy, don't you know that things go in cycles
The way that Bobby Brown is just ampin' like Michael

Sunday mornings 10-12 at 90.5 on your FM dial.

1. Ben Webster – All too Soon
2. Sarah Vaughan – Everything but You
3. Joey DeFrancesco – Never Can Say Goodbye
4. Ike Quebec – A Light Reprieve
5. Blossom Dearie – Tea for Two
6. Hot Lips Page – La danse
7. Allison Krauss & James Taylor – How’s the World Treating You
8. Bill Frisell – Hold On (John)
9. Jackson 5 – Never Can Say Goodbye
10. Great Jazz Trio (Hank Jones) – Moose the Mooche
11. Betty Carter – Shine On, Harvest Moon
12. Benny Goodman Quintet – Fine and Dandy
13. John Eddie – Same Old Brand New Me
14. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Let’s Move
15. Led Zeppelin – Tea for One (fragment)
16. Duke Ellington – Four and a Half Street
17. The Spaniels – Do-Wah
18. Adrian Belew – Beat Box Guitar
19. Katie Lee – Will to Fail
20. Susie Arioli – Here’s to the Losers
21. David Allyn – Down with Love
22. The Falcons – Let’s Kiss and Make Up
23. Glen Campbell – By the Time I Get to Phoenix
24. Cyrus Chestnut – Indigo Blue
25. Herbie Hancock – It Ain’t Necessarily So
26. A Tribe Called Quest – Excursions
27. Gene Ammons – I Sold my Heart to the Junkman
28. Tabu Ley Rochereau – Aon Aon
29. Abdullah Ibrahim – Third Line Samba



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