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Catamount Community Radio - October 18, 2015

Drove to Charleston, SC on Wednesday for a conference and back yesterday. A six hour drive with three stops. Man, I don't like driving, or, let me rephrase that ... other drivers scare the shit out of me. But Charleston was nice, I took care of business, did some sightseeing, and ate some delicious food. I listened to no jazz while in Charleston. I had a couple looks for it on the radio while sitting in my room in the hotel, but came up empty, so today, even though I didn't play that many jazz tunes, I did play enough to get my fix.

I enjoyed doing the show today. It was 11:30 before I knew it. I only recorded half of it, but I'll listen back to that tape. Sometimes I think I should keep for the archive a copy of every single show, but I'm too lazy.

OK, here are some lyrics.

John Hiatt, "Let's Give this Love a Try"

Sometimes I don't like being where I am
No matter what
I'd rather be in a barrel of kosher salt and pickle brine
With a thousand paper cuts
I'm uncomfortable in my own skin you might say
Feeling my own guts
So tell me something about yourself, sweetheart
Before I screw this whole thing up

Tom Petty, "The Last DJ":

The last DJ
Well you can't turn him into a company man
You can't turn him into a whore
And the boys upstairs just don't understand anymore
Well the top brass don't like him talking so much,
And he won't play what they say to play
And he don't want to change what don't need to change
There goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say, hey hey hey?
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
There goes the last DJ

Leon Russell, "Tightrope":

I'm up on the tight wire
One side's ice and one is fire
It's a circus game
With you and me
I'm up on the tight rope
One side's hate and one is hope
But the top hat on my head
Is all you see
And the wire seems to be
The only place for me
A comedy of errors
And I'm falling

DJ nightmare:You're trying to do your show, but there are people in the studio, getting in your way, including your mother. You put on a song, but it's not the one you meant to play. Then there is dreaded dead air, lots of it. Then you scramble to get another tune on, but to no avail. But it doesn't matter than much, because your shift is 3:00 - 5:00 a.m. and nobody is listening.

Still no internet stream. I think that makes five months. Catamount Community Radio, 10-12 Sunday mornings on WWCU-FM.

1. Christian McBride, Mark Whitfield, Nicholas Payton – Chameleon
2. Trio Cervantes – Drume negrito
3. John Hiatt – Let’s Give this Love a Try
4. Duke Ellington – The Star-Crossed Lovers
5. Charles Mingus – Slop
6. Bessie Smith – After You’ve Gone
7. Louis Armstrong – West End Blues
8. Hermeto Pascoal – Batudando nas matas
9. Marisa Monte – Pra mais ninguem
10. Señor Cocnut – Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
11. Paul Simon – Questions for the Angels
12. Sonny Rollins – My Ideal
13. Sonora Ponceña – Night in Tunisia
14. T-Bone Walker – Papa Ain’t Salty
15. Woody Herman – Early Autumn
16. Merle Haggard – It Makes no Difference Now
17. Lester Young – Texas Shuffle
18. Solomon Burke – He’ll Have to Go
19. Ron Blake & Christian McBride – Shake & Blake
20. Nick Lowe – I Trained her to Love me
21. Ahmad Jamal – We Live in Two Different Worlds
22. Joshua Redman – Lonely Woman
23. Al Wilson – La La Peace Song
24. Teddy Wilson – Limehouse Blues
25. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – The Last DJ
26. Leon Russell – Tightrope
27. Tanariwen – Chet Boghassa
28. Charles Mingus – Self-Portrait in 3 Colors



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