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Catamount Community Radio - June 14, 2015

Because of all the internet hawkers trying to sell ties and shit for Fathers Day, I was hoodwinked into thinking that today was the day, when the fact is that it's next Sunday. So I played my usual array of tunes to celebrate the day. What the hell, there's no reason I can't play the same ones next Sunday, plus a few more that were left in the bag. Mary Ellen, under my bad influence, even wished a few dads happy Fathers Day.

Ornette Coleman died this past week. As out in the stratosphere as was John Coltrane, I think Ornette was even more audacious. He wasn't interested in the normal interpretation of harmony and melody, so he came up with his own theory, "harmelodics." The tunes were - it seems to me - loosely structured, and not strictly based on chord changes. The absence of comping instruments like piano and guitar are conspicuously absent on his recordings. He would write memorable melody lines, which spurred on the collective improvisation of the band. He obviously was listening to Charlie Parker, but interpreting him in a very idiosyncratic way. It helped that he played with guys like Don Cherry and Charlie Haden. I'm not sure that his theories took hold really in the wider world of jazz (although this is not to say he wasn't influential), but what I can say is that recordings he made in, say, 1959 sound fresh today, as if they were the latest thing. We listened to "Ramblin'," "Lonely Woman" and "Turnaround."

I played a few summer-themed tunes: Herbie and Joni doing "Summertime," and UFO's gimmicky "Summer Girls," a summer song from what I assume was a one-hit wonder band.

I closed with Brian Wilson singing his "Love and Mercy." I'm interested in seeing the film about Wilson with the same title.

Catamount Community, Sunday mornings 10-12 on WWCU-FM. I'm holding off on the cover contest until the internet is up and streaming again.

1. The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning
2. Herbie Hancoock & Joni Mitchell – Summertime
3. Nicholas Payton – After You’ve Gone
4. Dinah Washington – Fat Daddy
5. Ornette Coleman – Ramblin’
6. Oornette Coleman – Lonely Woman
7. Jamey Johnson – A-11
8. Willie Nelson – Somewhere Between
9. Benny Green – Chant
10. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
11. Songhai – De la noche a la mañana
12. Chuck Berry – Promised Land
13. Brad Mehldau – Still Crazy After All these Years
14. UFO – Summer Girls
15. Blake – Blake’s Theme
16. Thelonious Monk – I Love You, Sweetheart of all my Dreams
17. The Cosmic Rays – Daddy’s Gonna Tell You no Lies
18. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Stick with me, Baby
19. Jamey Johnson & Alison Krauss – Make the World go Away
20. Ornette Coleman – Turnaround
21. David Sánchez – The Power of the World
22. Anita O’Day – My Heart Belongs to Daddy
23. Anibal Sánchez – Sal y agua
24. Julieta Venegas – Pa’ bailar (feat. Bajofondo)
25. Conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez – Monte adentro
26. Freddie Hubbard – Arietis
27. Brian Wilson – Love and Mercy (live)

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