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Catamount Community Radio - May 10, 2015

I sometimes wonder - without seriousness - if I'm the last guy in the world who uses cassette tapes. I always record 3/4 of the show on cassette to listen back and critique (or simply admire) myself. Well, the handle broke on my boom box, so now it's hard to ride the bike and hold the boom box. In the past, I would simply hang it on the handlebars and insure that the cord didn't get caught in the front wheel. Now I walk the little bit between my office to the station, holding the boom box like a baby.

After the show I rode my bike home, got Roscoe and walked back here to my office. He's been sleeping at my feet under my desk ever since we got here. Where am I supposed to put my feet, Ross?

It's Mothers Day, so happy Mothers Day to all you mothers. Here's one that I played that Mary Ellen liked.

Nick and Gaby win the cover contest. It was a hard one today.

1. What's the tune, whose tune is it, and who is picking it on the guitar? My hint was that it neither of my go-to guitarists (Marc Ribot and Bill Frisell)

a) "Rainy Days and Mondays"
b) The Carpenters
c) Pat Metheny (I did this acoustic version of the tune, but the truth be told, Pat Metheny has never been one of my favorite guitarists

2. Whose tune is it, who is covering it, and who else has covered it?

a) Allen Toussaint's
b) Elvis Costello
c) many, but I first became aware of the version by Little Feat

This recording features Elvis Costello's band, The Attractions, with Toussaint on piano and the horn section from Toussaint's band.

3. What tune is this, who songwriting duo wrote it, and who is playing it? The hint was that the guitarist is famous for playing his solos in octaves.

a) "Wives and Lovers"
b) Bacharach and David
c) Wes Montgomery

4. Anat Cohen played a tune. All I ask is what is the title - "No Moon at All"

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU.

No show next week, but I'll be back two weeks from today if things go according to plan.

1. Brad Mehldau & Joel Frahm – Away from Home
2. Willie West – Hello, Mama
3. Dr. John – Mama Roux
4. The Temprees – Explain it to her, Mama
5. Ben Allison – Goin’ Back
6. John Hartford – Your Tax Dollars at Work
7. Del McCoury Band – Amnesia
8. Jeff “Tain” Watts – Jonesin’ (for Elvin)
9. Pat Metheny – Rainy Days and Mondays
10. Julia Lee – Mama Don’t Allow It
11. Doctor Rockit – Male James Bonding
12. Walter Smith III – Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love
13. Steven Bernstein – Toby
14. Burning Spear – Mother
15. Bob Marley – One Drop
16. Sketch Show – Theme from a Summer Place
17. Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint – On Your Way Down
18. Eric Reed – Evidence
19. Count Basie – Dickie’s Dream
20. Wes Montgomery – Wives and Lovers
21. Nick Lowe – House for Sale
22. James Brown – Mother Popcorn
23. Anita O’Day – My Heart Belongs to Daddy
24. Anat Cohen – No Moon at All
25. Various Artists – Theme from “The Odd Couple”
26. Memphis Slim – Mother Earth
27. Bill Frisell – That’s Alright, Mama



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