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Catamount Community Radio - April 26, 2015

The radio station is halfway up a big-ass hill. As I was climbing it in first gear on my bicycle this morning, I swear I might have seen a cop on a yellow four-wheeler. He was descending the hill on a side road. If I'm not mistaken, he stopped when he saw me and just observed me from a distance, as if he didn't want me to see him. Kinda weird.

Last night I went to the jazz festival here on campus. I dug the big band (the same one I subbed in a couple times on sax). It was pure heavy metal when they hit those first notes of "Night in Tunisia." The guest was a saxophonist by the name of Rick Margitza. I enjoyed it.

The featured artist today was Solomon Burke, "The King of Soul." What follows draws on the stuff the geniuses wrote over at Wikipedia: His grandmother encouraged him to listen to the radio as a kid to learn about music. At age seven, he started preaching, and was soon known as "Boy Wonder Preacher." He signed with Atlantic in 1960, where he recorded 32 singles, most of which charted. He took his gospel style into secular music. Jerry Wexler rated him "at the top, since all singing is a trade off between music and drama; he's a master at both..." But he describes Burke as "a piece of work, wily, highly intelligent, a salesman of epic proportions, sly, sure-footed, a never-say-die entrepreneur ... a card-carrying fabulist." His shows were "tours de force of riveting soul and unashamed hokum ... ticked every box from low comedy through country pleading to the kind of magisterial rock'n'roll that brought the house down." As the King of Soul, he used all the trappings: crown, cape, etc. James Brown once paid him not to perform, expecting that he would give up the crown and cape as well, Burke took the money, didn't perform that night, but didn't give up the royal paraphernalia either. We listened to three numbers, including his cover of Dylan's "Maggie's Farm." He was the first soul singer to cover Dylan. Good shit, Maynard.

Jim Dandy rocks and rolls on the cover contest. I had planned on using Colin Towns' cover of Frank Zappa's "Watermelon in Easter Hay." But for some reason which escapes me, my iTunes refused to burn the tune to CD. I bought it originally from the iTunes store, so I couldn't understand why not.

1. "Every Day I Write the Book" - who is singing it and who wrote it? Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe, respectively.

2. Steven Bernstein and pals are doing an all brass rendition of a tune. Who's tune and what's the title? - Jimi Hendrix's and "Manic Depression." I love this version; it gets all weird in the middle.

3. Herbie Hancock is doing a tune called "Summertime." Who wrote, who is singing it, and who does the harmonica solo? - the Gershwins, Joni Mitchell, and Stevie Wonder.

4. A guitar solo. What's the tune, who is playing it, and where is the quote from at the end? - "St.James Infirmary," Marc Ribot, and a Jimmie Page lick from some Led Zeppelin tune. I just don't know which one.

Tune in to Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 on the East Coast, onWWCU. More fun than...

1. Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson – Three Little Words
2. Nick Lowe – Sensitive Man
3. Clifford Jordan – EddieHarris
4. Elaine Elias – You and the Night and the Music
5. Solomon Burke – Got to Get You Off of my Mind
6. Bill Charlap – Where or When
7. Joni Mitchell – You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio
8. Elvis Costello – Every Day I Write the Book
9. Wynton Marsalis Big Butter and Egg Man
10. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Stompin’ Grounds
11. B.B. King – Hully Gully Twist
12. Steven Bernstein – Manic Depression
13. Freddie Roach – Lujon
14. Sam Rivers – Fuchsia Swing Song
15. Ry Cooder – He’ll Have to Go
16. Solomon Burke – He’ll Have to Go
17. Nat Cole – Rose Room
18. The Impressions – We’re Rolling On
19. Herbie Hancock & Joni Mitchell – Summertime
20. Herbie Hancock – It Ain’t Necessarily So
21. Solomon Burke – Maggie’s Farm
22. Larry Goldings – The Wedding
23. Elvis Presley – Big Hunk o’ Love
24. Elvis Costello – Watch Your Step
25. Herbie Hancock – Here Come de Honey Man
26. Little Willie John – You Hurt Me
27. Marc Ribot – St. James Infirmary
28. Serge Gainsbourg – Coleur café
29. Joshua Redman – The Best is Yet to Come

Solomon Burke


writing the book

I made a mistake on the cover contest. I got Nick Lowe's "When I Write the Book" (which was covered by Elvis Costello when he was a guest on Letterman) with Costello's "Every Day I Write the Book," which Elvis wrote himself. Nico alerted me to me error.

As opposed to,,,

the source of my confusion ...

cover contest

Nico and Gaby get an extra point for pointing out my error .... but Dandy still wins!


I listened to a bunch of Led Zep yesterday, but couldn't find the lick.

Re: led

Perhaps you were misled.

Re: led


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