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"Doing" itunes

Sometimes on Saturdays I sneak away to my office to, as my family says, "do itunes."

Well, this does involve purchasing songs from itunes, but much more than that. Often I am creating a playlist for my Sunday morning radio show.

I confess to being addicted to the itunes. I get the itch, and I gotta scratch it, I gotta do me some itunes.

Last night, I went to bed early; I was tired. But I woke up at four in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So I went downstairs to the computer to do some itunes.

I ended up buying eight songs:

Sex Mob, "Pygmy Suite"
Dizzy Gillespie, "Con Alma"
Buck Clayton, "Ballin' the Jack"
Henry Mancini, "Something for Cat"
Barney Kessel, "Something for Cat"
Hiromi, "Time Out"
Detroit Cobras, "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)"
Oscar Peterson, "Without a Song"

I confess that I get a rush when I push that "buy song" button. As much as I would like to believe otherwise, part of the pleasure of being a music head is the novelty factor. It's always a thrill to get your greedy paws on some new tunes.

So I sneak back to bed at 6:00, before the rest of the family wakes up, and then sleep peacefully until 10:30.

At noon, instead of heading to the office, I went to the gym to play basketball. I felt great, and played OK for a guy my age.

Anyway, you would think that with a library of more than four thousand songs I would be content. And there is a lot of good music there. But just so you know I'm not always buying new songs or importing songs from my CDs. Often times when I'm "doing itunes," what I'm doing is cleaning up, by genre, etc. Removing songs that, as Butthead would have it, suck. (Perhaps better, just don't make the cut). I'm arranging them into playlists. Being a nerd.

But for some reason, I'm never content with the music that I have. I WANT MORE! MORE! MORE! NEW! NEW! NEW!

My name is Joe, and I'm addicted to itunes.

And I love it!


ps. Join my Siberian Shaman friend in sending some positive vibrations my way for my piano recital this Saturday.



If you have a juvenile sense of humor you might want to look at this short clip




I Too - iTune

I too have been hooked on iTunes lately. Although I have never bought a single song. I recently found the radio stations that iTunes provides. Having my computer hooked into my home sound system gives me wall to wall streaming radio from around the world. Here are my recent top pics from iTunes Radio. These seem to cover all of my moods. All found in the Eclectic Catagory...
1.) Illinois Street Lounge - Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow.
2.) Dr. Yo - the cure for what ails ya - avant garde, punk, psychedelidoowop.
3.) WXYC - Freeform radio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina

And I need not mention where "I tune" to every Sunday morning from 10-NOON!

Re: I Too - iTune

Back in the day, while not quite pre-computer, but pre- computer as a music thing, when I lived in Durham, I kept my boom box tuned to WXYC with a cassette in there at all times. When a song came on that I liked, I would hit record. Then, later, I would take these cassettes and cull them down into "remixes." I still have, and occassionally listen to, those cassettes, which are labeled "Remix 1," "Remix 2," "Remix 3," etc. up to Remix 47. Then, when I found interesting photos in magazines (Harpers was what I was reading mostly those days) I would cut out little inserts for cover art.

But anyway, thank for the tip! Another in a long series (Pandora etc.)

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