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Catamount Community Radio - March 8, 2015

What happens to that hour that they steal from us? They keep it in a black box for six months and then they give it back to us. Why do they do this? Anyway, I was up early and made it in with time to spare, but now I'm kinda draggin' ass. Maybe a nap is in order this afternoon.

The CD players can be set to count down the time or count up. Somebody had set them all to count up, which is not what I like. But the Program Director was at the station this morning and he taught me how to change the display.

I set a record today for most tunes played on a show, with 53. That's because I did three sets of "miniatures," the rule being they had to be less than two minutes per. Lots of fun.

Jim Dandy wins the cover contest, and you know what, I predict he wins again next week.

1. A three-part question:

a) What's the tune? - "A Change is Gonna Come"
b) What's the name of the guitarist whose group is covering it? - Bill Frisell
c) Who originally had a hit with it? - Sam Cooke

From Wikipedia: "A Change Is Gonna Come" was partially inspired by an incident in which Cooke and his band tried to register at a 'whites only' motel in Shreveport, Louisiana. On October 8, 1963, Cooke called ahead to the Holiday Inn North to make reservations for his wife, Barbara and himself, but when he and his group arrived, the desk clerk glanced nervously and explained there were no vacancies. While his brother Charles protested, Sam was fuming, yelling to see the manager and refusing to leave until he received an answer. His wife nudged him, attempting to calm him down, telling him, 'They'll kill you,' to which he responded, 'They ain't gonna kill me, because I'm Sam Cooke.' When they eventually persuaded Cooke to leave, the group drove away calling out insults and blaring their horns. When they arrived at the Castle Motel on Sprague Street downtown, the police were waiting for them, arresting them for disturbing the peace."

2. One of the miniatures was cover contest question 2.

a) Whose tune is it? - Stevie Wonder's
b) What's the title? - Tuesday Heartbreak

3. Herbie Hancock and his band played a tune, an English folk song. Another multi-part question:

a) What's the title? - Scarborough Fair
b) Which Bob Dylan tune borrows the melody? - "Girl from the North Country"
c) Which American duo had a hit with it? - Simon and Garfunkel

4. The BPA featuring Olly Hite did "So it Goes." The question is, who wrote it? The hints? An Englishman, and not Elvis Costello. The answer - Nick Lowe

Catamount Community Radio. A bunch of malarky from Marky. Sunday mornings 10-12 on WWCU-FMM.

1. Omer Avital – Ballad for a Friend
2. Bill Coleman – Afromotive in Blue
3. Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Why Don’t They Know?
4. Frank Sinatra & Dinah Shore – It’s All up to You
5. Thelonious Monk – Abide with Me
6. Miles Davis – The Theme (Take 2)
7. Cheng Gongliang – Ghu Zu Jun
8. John Hartford – Your Tax Dollars at Work
9. Don Byron – Royal Garden Blues
10. Bo Diddly – Bo’s Bounce
11. Mel Tormé – It Never Entered my Mind
12. Cal Tjader – Buhuto
13. Geoff Muldaur’s Futuristic Ensemble – in a Mist (Reprise)
14. Slim & Slam – Dark Eyes
15. Brian Eno – Another Green World
16. Bill Frisell – A Change is Gonna Come
17. Mocean Worker – Right Now
18. Ben Webster – Single Petal of a Rose
19. Moondog – Be a Hobo
20. Bill Charlap – A Quiet Girl
21. Les Paul – Moonglow
22. Ronnie Foster – Tuesday Heartbreak
23. Simon & Garfunkel – 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
24. Ted Nash – Baby Elephant Walk
25. Ella Fitzgerald – Here in my Arms
26. Buck Owens – Buckaroo
27. Joseph Spence – The Crow
28. Frank Zappa – Baby Snakes
29. The Carpenters –A Song for You (Reprise)
30. Ernst Reijseger & Franco D’Andrea – I Love You so Much it Hurts
31. Little Richard – Slippin’ & Slidin’
32. Fred Frith – Life at the Top
33. Herbie Hancock – Scarborough Fair
34. Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong – Now You has Jazz
35. Amadou & Miriam – M’bife (bafalon)
36. Gavin Bryers – Jesus Blood Never Failed me Yet
37. Abdullah Ibrahim – Pule
38. Bajofondo Tango Club – No quiero otro
39. Neil Young – Birds
40. Bill Frisell – Episode
41. Radiohead – I Will
42. Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland
43. Larry Goldings – Interlude No. 4
44. Thomas “Fats” Waller – There’s a Girl in my Life
45. Tom Zé – Jingle do disco
46. Serge Gainsbourg – Tatoué Jérémie
47. Mamadou Dumbia – Qui sait?
48. J Dilla – Welcome to Detroit
49. Neil Boggs – Steelin’ Home
50. Unknown Hinson – Unknown Hinson Theme
51. Seatbelts – American Money
52. The BPA (featuring Olly Hite) – So It Goes
53. Justin Kauflin – For Clark


Keep on keepin on!

I meant to ask you if you knew of Justin Kauflin. I see that you do. That Clark Terry movie is as much about him as it is about Clark. Good stuff, Maynard.

Re: Keep on keepin on!

I didn't know about him until reading your message. I ordered the DVD and looked Kauflin up on iTunes just yesterday, so it's thanks to you that I know him.

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