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Catamount Community Radio - February 22, 2015

I had this idea for an "artistic" project: I would put on my Amy Winehouse wig and a pair of sunglasses, and take video of myself playing the piano and singing or talking, or just playing the piano. If I liked the result, I would post it on the internet under some sort of stage name, like Dr. Markenstein. So I pull out the wig, only to find that in the years since I last wore it it has fallen apart. Now where am I going to get a wig? I need one that looks obviously fake, not made of real hair, but I don't want a multi-colored afro wig, I want long hair. I'll keep you posted on the project.

We listened to three versions of "No Moon at All," a tune written by David Mann from 1947. We heard instrumentals by Keith Jarrett and Ray Bryant, and Mel "The Velvet Fog" Tormé sang it. The last new moon was this past Wednesday, so today it's waxing not waning, with 18% of it visible, if the clouds cooperate and disappear. Close enough.

Don't make a sound, it's so dark
Even Fido is afraid to bark
What a perfect chance to park
And there's no moon at all
Should we want atmosphere for inspiration, dear
One kiss will make it clear
That tonight is right and bright moonlight might interfere

We listened to a couple versions of the Rogers and Hart's "It Never Entered my Mind." I love Larry Hart's lyrics, what a rhymester.

Once I laughed when I heard you saying
That I'd be playing Solitaire
Uneasy in my easy chair
It never entered my mind

And once you told me I was mistaken
That I'd awaken with the sun
And ordered orange juice for one
It never entered my mind

Last week on the cover contest we heard a version of Georgie Fame's "Yey Yey." This week we heard a new version of the tune, from Diana Krall's new album, featuring Georgie Fame himself. The tune is very ye ye. You can't think of groovy chicks with bulbous bouffants dancing in black and white and groovy guys with tight suits and skinny ties doing the same steps. We then listened to the sublime Blossom Dearie sing her tribute song, "Sweet Georgie Fame."

This morning I was up bright and early, lord knows why, and reading the internet I found out that Clark Terry died. I knew he had been sick for some time now. Back in the fifties he played in the Ellington Orchestra. The first time ever in my life I ever went to a jazz club it was to see Clark Terry. I didn't even know who he was back then (30 years ago), I just wanted to go to a jazz club. We listened to a handful of his tunes, including the one where he mumbles to Oscar Peterson's piano. RIP Clark Terry.

It looks like Nick and Gaby win the cover contest this week, edging out Jim Dandy by a mere point.

1. What tune is Joshua Redman covering? - "Hit the Road, Jack"

2. Who is covering Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary"? - Jamie Cullum

3. What's the title of this tune that Richard "Groove" Holmes is covering, and who wrote it? - "Do You know the Way to San Jose?" / Bacharach and David

4. We heard Luiz Bonfá do his "Manha de Carnaval." The question is what is the title in English. We listened to Frank Sinatra sing it today, with the title "A Day in the Life of a Fool," but perhaps a more common title in English is "Black Orpheus" from the title of the film it was written for ("Orfeu Negro").

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Right Coast) on Power 90.5.

1. Larry Goldings – The Wedding
2. Frank Sinatra – A Day in the Life of a Fool
3. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis & Shirley Scott – Tangerine
4. Peter Blegvad – Crumb de la Crumb
5. Clark Terry – Boomerang
6. Nat Cole – No Moon at All
7. Keigh Jarrett – No Moon at All
8. Larry Goldings – A Rose for Emily
9. Joshua Redman – Hit the Road Jack
10. Diana Krall & Georgie Fame – Yey Yey
11. Blossom Dearie – Sweet Georgie Fame
12. Jamie Collum – The Wind Cries Mary
13. Wynton Marsalis – Sophie Rose-Rosalie
14. Larry Goldings – Roach
15. Marc Ribot – Future Rock 2
16. Clark Terry – Mumbles
17. Mel Tormé – It Never Entered my Mind
18. Sir Roland Hannah – It Never Entered my Mind
19. Spike Jones – Cocktails for Two
20. Richard “Groove” Holmes – Do You Know the Way to San José?
21. Larry Goldings – Maybe
22. Cannonball Adderley – I’ll Close my Eyes
23. Joshua Redman – You’ve Got a Friend in Me
24. Luiz Bonfá – Manha de Carnaval
25. Clark Terry – Anything You Can Do (I Can do Better)
26. Larry Goldings – The Flower Song
27. Steven Bernstein – Toby
28. Ray Bryant – No Moon at All
29. Larry Goldings – Libre

Clark Terry



just ordered a blond supermodel wig over the internet. Perfect.

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