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Catamount Community Radio - February 15, 2015

They say a snowstorm is on the way, with like five inches of snow expected, but you could never guess by looking at the sky, which is currently blue and cloudless. We'll see how things develop as the day goes on. I'm holding class tomorrow no matter what.

Just got a wrong number call from a Chinese delivery lady. I was almost tempted to say, yeah, just bring it to me, I'll eat it.

I dedicated a set to my daughter, starting with John Mayer's "Daughters." I'm not much of a sap, but this tune can damn near bring lágrimas to my ojos. I followed that with Anita O'Day singing Cole Porter's "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and finished up with Loudon Wainwright III's "Daughter." I call my daughter "George," and she calls me "Keems" from Kemo Sabe, and that, a corruption of the Spanish "¿Quién sabe?" (Who knows?).

I like these lyrics; the tune is called "Crumb de la Crumb," by Peter Blegvad. Couldn't find them on the internet, so I transcribed them myself.

In cemeteries of cement
It says on every monument
Consider how your time is spent
‘cause soon your time is done.
The planet’s condemned
From sultan to Skid Row bum
From the crème de la crème
To the crumb de la crumb.

But we won’t let that interfere
With all our pleasure while we’re here
So what if we all disappear
And leave a vacu –um?

We’ll meet again.
Someday our day will come
And not just for some,
But a someday for everyone,
From the crème de la crème
To the crumb de la crumb.


What’s the use now, why pretend?
On what or whom can you depend?
Something gets you in the end,
Why, you could choke on you chewing gum.
From the poisonous pen
To the pit and the pendulum;
From the crème de la crème
To the crumb de la crumb.

You come home from a hard day’s graft
To listen to the phonograph.
A drowning man would like a raft
But you like my album.
It’s an absolute gem
The way they’ll never go platinum’
And the track at the end
Is the crumb de la crumb.


The track at the end
Is the crumb de la crumb.

We have a tie today, Nico/Gaby tie with Jim Dandy. Three of four for each.

1. What tune is Dave Douglas tooting on his trumpet, and whose song is it? - "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" / Hank Williams.

2. Mongo Santamaría played a tune, which? - "Fever"

3. We heard this catchy little number, played by Ted Heath & his Melody Makers, that made me think of 60s groovy dudes in their suits - skinny ties and tight pants - snapping their fingers, bobbing their heads. The tune was a hit for Georgie Fame back in the day. What's the title? - "Yeh, Yeh"

4. Larry Goldings played a tune. What's the title and whose is it? "Here, There, Everywhere" - The Beatles

Catamount Community Radio, Sundays 10-12 (East Coast) on WCU.

1. Larry Goldings – All my Born Days
2. Coleman Hawkins – Dinah
3. Bill Evans & Jim Hall – My Funny Valentine
4. Ella Fiitzgerald (w/ the Delta Rhythm Boys) – It’s Only a Paper Moon
5. Matt Wilson – Get Over, Get Off, Get On
6. Nick Lowe – A Better Man
7. Larry Goldings – Road Song
8. Sly & the Family Stone – Thankful and Thoughtful
9. John Zorn – Miller’s Crake
10. Dave Douglas – I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry
11. Frank Frost – My Back Scratcher
12. Nicholas Payton – Zigaboogaloo
13. Mongo Santamaría – Fever
14. Carmen McRae – You Took Advantage of Me
15. Clifford Brown – Delilah
16. Ella Fitzgerald – You Won’t be Satisfied (Until You Break my Heart)
17. Ted Heath & his Melody Makers – Yeh, Yeh
18. Marcus Roberts – Maple Leaf Rag
19. Jim Croce – I Have to Say I Love You in a Song
20. Jimmy McGriff – Dig It
21. Peter Blegvad – Crumb de la Crumb
22. The Meters – Looky Py Py
23. Larry Goldings – Here, There, Everywhere
24. John Mayer – Daughters
25. Anita O’Day – My Heart Belongs to Daddy
26. Loudon Wainright III – Daughter
27. Larry Goldings – Crawdaddy
28. Ben Webster – My Funny Valentine



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