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Catamount Community Radio - February 8, 2015

It's February 8, and while there is a bunch of snow in Maine, here it's like a tease for Spring. Kids wandering around in their shorts and flip-flops, sunshine. What next, daffodils?

Jelly Roll Morton, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bobby McFerrin did some scatting. I find it interesting that there are two words, "scat" and "scat," the first of which is Germanic in origin, and refers to getting out of here quick, fast and in a hurry, or to the ol' diddly-doo-wah-shooby-doobie, skittly-spa-doo. The other word is from the Greek, and means dung. Hence, "scatological." Say you're Greek, and you're playing pinball at the bowling alley, and you tilt. You say, "σκατά!" ("skatá" - "shit").

Jim Dandy rolls on the cover contest.

1. "I Can't Tell You Why" - Whose tune is it and who is covering? The Eagles / Diana Krall. This version is mellow almost to the point of being soporific. Talk about a peaceful, easy feeling.

2. We heard the original version of "The Letter," and then a cover. Who did the original (and extra credit for naming the lead vocalist)? - The Box Tops (Alex Chilton). Who did the cover? - Bob Marley and the Wailers, with Peter Tosh singing lead.

3. Who sang this version "Full Moon and Empty Arms"? - Frank Sinatra

4. Who sang another version of "Full Moon and Empty Arms"? - Bob Dylan. What an interesting artist, if you look at him over the long term - all these different reincarnations all linked by the fact that his voice is immediately recognizable, even though it changes.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 along the Atlantic Seaboard and at 3-5 in the afternoon in Spain on WWCU. More fun than you can shake a stick at, whatever that means.

1. Earl Hines – Linger Awhile
2. Wynton Marsalis – Free to Be
3. John Mayer – Gravity
4. Ben Webster – The Duke and the Brute
5. Studio Rio / Isley Bros. – It’s Your Thing
6. John Zorn – Laughing Owl
7. Diana Krall – I Can’t Tell You Why
8. Bill Charlap – It’s Love
9. Wynton Marsalis & Bobby McFerrin – Baby, I Love You
10. The Box Tops – The Letter
11. Bob Marley and the Wailers (Peter Tosh singing lead) – The Letter
12. Wynton Marsalis – Big Fat Hen
13. Paquito D’Rivera
14. Jelly Roll Morton – Scat Song
15. Ella Fitzgerald – Rough Ridin’
16. Louis Armstrong – No One Else but You
17. Nick Lowe – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
18. Frank Sinatra – Full Moon and Empty Arms
19. Ornette Coleman – Ramblin’
20. Dr. John – Delicado
21. Shorty Rogers and the Giants – It’s DeLovely
22. Bob Dylan – Full Moon and Empty Arms
23. Freddie Hubbard – Full Moon and Empty Arms
24. Joshua Redman – Hide and Seek
25. Roy Hargrove – I’m not so Sure




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