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Catamount Community Radio - January 25, 2015

I'm not a multi-tasker. I'm trying to think of something to write here and listening to the radio at the same time, and nothing is getting written. I'm having vacuous thoughts about my dog, who can catch frisbees, and who, with his two different colored eyes, is some sort of mischievous trickster character, alternately endearing and annoying.

Friday evening I went to hear Sheila Jordan sing on campus. At 86 years of age, she's still got it. She's charming, funny, can still improvise a verse and scat. Despite sparse attendance, it was a really good show. I played a few of her numbers today.

We used to have this immense Chevrolet station wagon in the mid seventies. My dad outfitted it with a state-of-the art eight-track player. The only problem was that we only had two tapes: One by Jim Croce, and the other some big band greatest hits compilation. So today, remembering those days, I played Glen Miller followed by "One Less Set of Footsteps."

Tyler and the gang were just smokin' at Innovation the Thursday before last. He played three standards I was not familiar with: "I'll Close my Eyes," "Yours is my Heart Alone," and "I Can't Believe You're in Love with me." The first tune has two different sets of lyrics, the original expressing regret: "Love was mine, you gave me a chance; but my heart was not content and I lost my romance ... I'll close my eyes ... and make believe it's you." The other version starts as usual, "I'll close my eyes..." continues "...to everyone but you". "Yours is my Heart Alone" was originally an operetta in German, from 1929. "I can't Believe that You're in Love with me." was written way back in 1926. We heard both Bud Powell and Lester Young play it.

On my promo, I babble about "snatching the airwaves away from the electric guitars and letting the accordions take over," or some such. I played a Merle Travis number, "Cincinnati Lou" featuring not only accordion, but also pedal-steel guitar. Put that in your musical cornucopia and smoke it.

I got a girl called Cincinnati Lou
I don't know nothin' she won't do.
She can drink more beer
than a two-ton truck can haul.
She's the belle of the ball.


She put the "oh" in Ohio.
She put the "sin" in Cincinnati
I'm telling you
Cincinnati Lou.

Jim Dandy narrowly edges out Nick and Gaby to retain his crown as cover-contest champion.

1. The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra plays a tune. What's the title and whose tune is it? - "Don't You Worry About a Thing," Stevie Wonder. Nick tells me that the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra is still doing their Monday night gig.

2. We heard a tune called "These Days." Whose tune is it, and who is covering it? - It is by Jackson Browne and Glen Campbell is covering it. It has also been covered by Greg Allman and Nico.

3. Marcus Miller plays a tune, whose and what is the title? - Stevie Wonder's and "Higher Ground."

4. An easy one. David Gannett is covering a tune. What's the title and whose is it? - "Little Wing" and Jimi Hendrix (reprising last week a little bit).

Catamount Community Radio, more fun than two barrels of monkeys, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on the radio at 90.5 on your FM dial if you happen to live in Sylva, NC.

1. Bob Marley – Jammin’
2. Kenny Burrell – I’ll Close my Eyes
3. Harry Connick, Jr. – If I only had a Brain
4. John Scofield – I’ll Take Les
5. Frank Sinatra – Yours is my Heart Alone
6. Oscar Peterson – Yours is my Heart Alone
7. Sheila Jordan – Falling in Love with Love
8. Vanguard Jazz Orchestra – Don’t You Worry About a Thing
9. Nickel Creek – Tomorrow is a Long Time
10. Bob Dylan – She Belongs to Me
11. Miley Cyrus – You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome when You Go
12. Glen Campbell – These Days
13. Joel Frahm – Pennies from Heaven
14. Geln Miller – Jeep Jockey Jump
15. Jim Croce – One Less Set of Footsteps
16. Cyrille Aimée –Que reste-t’il
17. Bud Powell – I Can’t Believe You’re in Love with Me
18. Lester Young – I Can’t Believe You’re in Love with Me
19. Mariachi Dos Mundos – Hey Joe
20. Hermeto Pascoal – Batudando nas matas
21. Merle Travis – Cincinnati Lou
22. Sheila Jordan – Better than Anything
23. Marcus Miller – Higher Ground
24. Django Reinhardt – I Can’t Believe You’re in Love with Me
25. David Garrett – Little Wing
26. Celia Cruz y la Sonora Matancera – Mano mangüe
27. Blue Mitchell – I’ll Close my Eyes
28. Omer Avital – Ballad for a Friend



One of These Daze

I got lucky with Glen Campbell. (Not in the biblical sense.)I just thought it sounded like a song he would sing and couldn't decide who it sounded like so I just threw his name out there on a lark. (Is that an actual phrase? "On a lark.") I don't know but it sounds good. So I just said it...just in case. Sometimes, it seems, that works for me. Great show!

Re: One of These Daze

On a lark is a great and time tested phrase.

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