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Catamount Community Radio - November 30, 2014

Random thing number 1. I can be a neatness freak at times. I've noticed nobody's vacuumed the studio in awhile. So while the songs were playing today I was picking up specks of this and that from the floor. I found several fingernail clippings. That's it. My faith in humanity is over. People are idiots.

Random thing number 2. I was out scouring campus for a sandwich or something, and I ran into a student from a few semesters back. He asked me for a hug. How about that? Faith in humanity restored.

The screeching tires were a propos again today. I think my limo came to a screeching halt outside the doors of the studio and my security detail ushered me in at 10:00 on the dot. I had some Oscar Peterson spinning right away, as if nothing. That's how I roll. Freeform radio, baby, by the seat of one's pants, whatever that means.

Jim Dandy repeats as Cover Contest winner, edging out Mary Ellen and Nick, who tie for second.

Dandy, with his "Jim Dandy" acoustic guitar.

1. What's the tune, whose tune is it, and which guitarist is covering it? - "Surfer Girl," Beach Boys, Bill "the Frizzilator" Frisell.

2. Matt Wilson and the gang played a holiday tune. What's the title? - "I'll be Home for Christmas." I'm working on this for the Christmas recital, by the way.

3. We heard a cover of Dylan's "Simple Twist of Fate." Who did the covering? - Jeff Tweedy

4. We heard two versions of a tune called "Hidden Shame." Who are doing them, and which is the cover and which is the original? - Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash. Elvis did the original; and the Man in Black, the cover.

1. Oscar Peterson – They’ll be some Changes Made
2. Joshua Redman – You’ve got a Friend in Me
3. Brook Benton – Mother Nature, Father Time
4. Duke Ellington – Little Brown Book
5. Adriana Calcanhotto – Cantada (depois de ter voce)
6. Jack Dejohnette (featuring Esperanza Spalding) – Salsa for Luisito
7. Bill Frisell – Little Surfer Girl
8. John Zorn – Miller’s Crake
9. Dinah Washington – Fat Daddy
10. Matt Wilson – I’ll be Home for Christmas
11. Little Walter – Juke
12. Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden – No Moon at All
13. Charles Lloyd & Jason Moran – Pretty Girl
14. Lloyd Glenn – Sleigh Ride
15. Diana Krall – Simple Twist of Fate
16. Jeff Tweedy – Simple Twist of Fate
17. Ben Webster & Richard “Groove” Holmes – Them That’s Got
18. Hank Jones – Lonely Woman
19. Hank Williams – I’m so Lonesome I could Cry
20. Chris Potter – The Wheel
21. Elvis Costello – Hidden Shame
22. Johnny Cash – Hidden Shame
23. Paul Mitchell Trio – Another Way to Feel
24. El Pauling – Soul House
25. Christian McBride Big Band – Bluesin’ in Alphabet City


Holy Twist o' Shame

I can't believe I missed the Tweedy cover, He's my man!

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