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Catamount Community Radio - November 23, 2014

It's a beautiful day: gray and a little rainy, but not too cold. I look forward to walking Roscoe this afternoon before practicing the piano. The tunes are coming along, and I have almost a month before the recital.

Friday I cooked with my Japanese friend, Masa. Or basically, he cooked, and I helped. We had nigiri sushi (tuna), sautéed shrimp, Japanese style poached flounder, pot stickers (store bought) and sautéed spinach. Delicious.

Unlike previous years, I didn't really do a full-blown Thanksgiving-themed show, although I did play a few thankful tunes: William DeVaughn doing "Be Thankful for What You Got," Bing Crosby's "I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For," Sly Stone's "Thankful and Thoughtful" and Hall & Oates' "Thank You for."

We heard a few pensive piano musings from Abdullah Ibrahim, and a couple saxophone improvisations from Joshua Redman too. One with strings, a format that goes back at least as far as the late forties when Charlie Parker released those "Charlie Parker with Strings" albums.

Jim Dandy edges out Mary Ellen to win the cover contest this week.

1. Shelby Lynne sings "I Only Want to be with You." Two-part question, the first, who originally had a hit with tune; and the second, who had an even bigger hit with their cover? - Dusty Springfield and the Bay City Rollers.

2. The next question was also a two-parter. The tune is "Edith and the Kingpin." First, who is doing the covering? Second, who is being covered? - Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell

3. Dave Alvin covers "Surfer Girl." Whose tune is it? - The Beach Boys'

4. Diana Krall covers "Simple Twist of Fate." Who wrote the tune? - Bob Dylan

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings, 10-12 (Right Coast time) on WWCU.

1. Cyrus Chestnut – Indigo Blue
2. William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got
3. NEXT Collective – Thank You
4. Bill Frisell – Strawberry Fields Forever
5. Adele – Make You Feel my Love
6. Abdullah Ibrahim – Third Line Samba
7. Abdullah Ibrahim – Blue Bolero
8. Peter Tosh – Ketchy Shubby (instrumental)
9. Shelby Lynne – I Only Want to Be with You
10. Joshua Redman – Star Dust
11. Bing Crosby – I’ve Got Plenty to be Thankful for
12. Elvis Costello – Edith and the Kingpin
13. War – Cisco Kid
14. Sly and the Family Stone – Thankful and Thoughtful
15. Dan O’Keefe – Good Time Charlie’s got the Blues
16. Abdullah Ibrahim – Editation / Mummy
17. Joshua Redman – Easy Living
18. George Benson – Last Train to Clarksville
19. Dave Alvin – Surfer Girl
20. Orlando “Cachaíto” López – Wahira
21. Hall & Oates – Thank You for
22. Diana Krall – Simple Twist of Fate
23. Omer Avital – Ballad for a Friend
24. Aaron Neville – Tell it like it is
25. Ted Nash – Organized Crime
26. The Faithful Harmonizers – Up Above my Head

Abdullah Ibrahim


Holy Reversal, Batman

That's kinda funny. I thought I knew #3 for sure and I got it wrong. And I took a total stab in the dark at Joni Mitchell (because it just sounded like a story she would tell) and I got it right. haha. Elvis Costello, I was not sure about but thought it sounded enough like him to venture the guess.
Well played, old chum!

Re: Holy Reversal, Batman

I think the waves are bigger in California than in Jersey, so I would have gone with the Beach boys. I'm gonna try to trick you next week!

Re: Holy Reversal, Batman

Hit me with a shot of your best, you diabolical trickster!

Edited at 2014-11-23 11:31 pm (UTC)

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