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Catamount Community Radio - November 9, 2014

"I've got couth I ain't even used yet!" - Jim Dandy

I took up running yesterday in an effort to bring my weight down, hopefully to below 200 lbs. I ran two miles and today my legs hurt. I wonder how long this thing is going to last. I've probably said 101 times that I hate running, unless a ball is involved, and now here I am, running.

Yesterday on my way in to the office to prepare my playlists, I'm at the intersection of the four-lane on my bicycle, waiting for the light to change. I see a bottle of bleach right in the middle of the intersection, lord knows how it got there. The light turns green and off I go, scooping up the bleach as I passed it. The funny thing is that earlier in the day I was cleaning my garbage can, and I thought to myself, "I'm running out of bleach." My friend Santiago joked, "I'm running out of bourbon and nothing like that has happened to me."

I featured the new album by Israeli bassist Omer Avital. Good stuff. Joel Fraham plays tenor on it and Avishai Cohen is on trumpet. I also played a tune by my friend Pavel Wlosok, also with Joel Fraham on tenor. Ain't this a small world?

Didn't hear a lot of singing today, but the little we did hear was hear was good: Nick Lowe, Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson.

My friend Nick up in New York played in the cover contest, along with Gaby. Look out. Unless Therese plays again, I wonder if anybody else has a chance to win!

1. What tune are Larry Goldings and Harry Allen playing? - "Morning has Broken" (a Christian hymn first published in 1931, and recorded by, among others, the artist formerly known as Yusef Islam.)

2. Matt Wilson played "Turn, Turn, Turn" - Two part question, name the tune and also the songwriter. (Peter Seeger) Not as good as Bob Seger.

3. Brittany Murphy sang "Somebody to Love." Whose tune is it? - Queen's

4. Matt Wilson played a tune; what's the title? - "Strangers in the Night" (exchanging glances) I remember when I was a kid there was an easy-listening station broadcasting out of Gaylord, Michigan. They called themselves "warm and friendly." Whenever my dad tuned in the station in the car I would moan, "No dad, not warm and friendly!"

Strangers in the night
Two lonely people, we were strangers in the night
Up to the moment when we said our first hello little did we know
Love was just a glance away, a warm embracing dance away.

Congrats, Nick and Gaby! First-time winners.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 on WWCU.

1. Omer Avital – New Song
2. Quincy Jones – Theme from the Pink Panther
3. Nick Lowe – A Different Kind of Blue
4. Omer Avital – Tsafdina
5. Omer Avital – Avishkes
6. Jimmy McGriff – The Bird Wave
7. Johnny Rivera – Necesito una amiga
8. Larry Goldings & Harry Allen – Morning has Broken
9. The Miracles – Who’s Loving You
10. Omer Avital – Hafla
11. Mat Wilson – Turn, Turn, Turn
12. Alice Cooper – Alma Mater
13. Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove
14. Omer Avital – Bedouin Roots
15. Prince – Funknroll
16. Brittany Murphy – Somebody to Love
17. Omer Avital – New Middle East
18. Unknown – Jazz Battle
19. Matt Wilson – You Bet
20. Jackie Wilson – That’s Why (I Love You So)
21. Willie Nelson – The Songwriters
22. Matt Wilson – Strangers in the Night
23. Pavel Wlosok & Joel Fraham - Fragments

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