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Butterflies, or something

You know, blogs have targeted advertising. So, my last blog, one of whose tags was "death," drew a bunch of vultures, I mean, people trying to wring a buck or two out of somebody else's death: "wrongful death lawyer," "wrongful death lawsuit," yeah? I'm sorry, I shouldn't denigrate vultures, they are are very important birds that do a great service. Zopilotes they're called in Mexico.

So, I thought I'd write a vacuous entry if, for nothing else, to get those ads off my page. I'll tag it happy, like "butterflies" or something. Farfala in Italian, papillon in French, mariposa in Spanish, and Schmeterlink in German. "And vut is wrong vif shmeterlink?" you ask.

I've been mentally composing an entry on hobos for some time now. Look forward to that. It will be irrelevant, as always.

Jim Dandy got a new old car, and the thing died ... (oops, I said the word) on him at the get go.

A colleague and I rode 27 miles on our bikes yesterday. A great bike ride.

The shaman in the picture is from Siberia. He's trying to send some positive vibes toward Estonia.

Have a nice day.



Big Brother

Wow. I never noticed the adds before. You are right. They seem to assimilate the theme of the blog. I went through some of our blogs randomly to see what adds would come with them. Very interesting...but scary.
I feel violated.
Since I don't watch T.V. or listen to commercial radio. The only place I see adds are in magazines and here on the computotron.
If I'm reading a skater magazine, it has skater adds, etc...So, I suppose it is good that the adds match the blog. I would hate for them to clash and break the mood of the entry.

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