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Catamount Community Radio - August 3, 2014

I'm as young as I want you to think I feel.
- Jim Dandy

As much as I tried to stretch July out a few more weeks, I just couldn't hold back time. I even ate my vegetables and did my jumping jacks, but to no avail. August arrived as expected.

Bird theme today. I like birds, but am no expert. I know about as much about birds as your average Jolene. Except crows. I know more about crows than your average Josephine. I know for example...

- that they sometimes collect shiny objects just for fun and make little artistic displays.
- that they can solve problems not just through trial and error, but also with pure logic.
- when they're happy they sometimes lie on their backs with their feet in the air.
- that they can perceive variations in color much better than we can.


Every tune I played today, including those in the cover contest, had some relationship to birds. Robins, penguins, pigeons, mockingbirds, starlings, chickens, orioles, starlings, doves, eagles, owls, flamingos, crows, blackbirds, and generic excellent birds. Hell, I even played "Free Bird."

It wasn't Jim Dandy's best outing, but it was still good enough for him to retain the crown as Cover Contest Champion. He beat Patrick by one.

1. Which rock singer is covering "Baltimore Oriole"? - John "Cougar" Mellencamp

2. Which rock star is narrating "The Bird" from Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf? - David Bowie

3. Which guitarist is helping Steve Miller cover Steve Miller's "Fly Like an Eagle"? - Les Paul

4. Who wrote the tune ("Birds") that is being covered by Kathryn Williams? - Neil Young

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (East Coast) on WWCU.

1. Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds
2. Charlie Parker – Orinthology
3. Mel Tormé – Bye Bye, Blackbird
4. Jackson 5 – Rockin’ Robin
5. Brad Mehldau – Blackbird
6. Beatles – And your Bird has Flown
7. John Zorn – Laughing Owl
8. John Mellencamp – Baltimore Oriole
9. Charlie Parker – Bird of Paridise
10. Son de Madera – El pájaro cu
11. David Bowie – The Bird (from Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf)
12. James Brown – The Chicken
13. Laurie Anderson – Excellent Birds
14. Keith Jarrett – Blackbird, Bye Bye
15. Joni Mitchell – Black Crow
16. Miles Davis – Bye Bye, Blackbird (fragment)
17. Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons – Prelude to Bird
18. Sidekicks – Free Bird
19. Charlie Parker – Chasing the Bird
20. Steve Miller & Les Paul – Fly like an Eagle
21. Joseph Spence – The Crow
22. The Flamingos – I Only have Eyes for You
23. Duke Ellington – Pigeons and Peppers
24. Raymond Scott – The Penguin
25. Don Byron – The Penguin
26. Aretha Franklin – Mockingbird
27. John Zorn – Mysterious Starling
28. Kathryn Williams – Birds
29. Dirty Projectors – Two Doves
30. Nina Simone – Blackbird
31. Dave Holland – Conference of the Birds



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