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Catamount Community Radio - July 20, 2014

I blame it on the supermoon. As I was driving to the airport to pick up the rental minivan, I was honked at once, and shouted at by a passing motorcyclist. I'm assuming the reason each time was that I was driving too slow, even though I was probably going around 55 mph. Once in the van on the way home I saw one near accident, as a car in the middle turning lane almost merged directly into another car, and then a guy nonchalantly driving in the bike lane. I had a premonition, but whatever. I picked up the spousal unit, the issue, the mother-in-law, the dog and the various and sundry luggage and off we were to Michigan. It happened in Dandridge, Tennessee. I was waiting at a light. It turned green. I proceeded out into the intersection when suddenly out of nowhere comes a Toyota Corolla. It plowed into the front of the van, completely tearing off the front bumper. F¶&k! Spent the night in Dandridge, got a replacement vehicle (Chevrolet Traverse, which I prefer to the Dodge Caravan), and drove all the way to Mancelona the next day (a 15-hour drive). But what a way to start the vacation. I knew it was around that date, and I just checked it: it was exactly that date. July 12, 2014. I've always been a pretty careful driver; in 34 years of driving I had never had an accident. And now, every time I'm behind the wheel I see danger everywhere. I feel like turning in my license.

So the screeching-of-the-tires sound effect that I use every Sunday to start the show had special resonance today. Nevertheless, it was good to be back doing radio after a week off.

Mary Ellen wins the cover contest with a perfect score. Dandy missed only one question, but that wasn't good enough this week!

1. Lake Street Drive is doing a number called "Rich Girl." Whose tune is it? Hall & Oates's.

2. Who is interpreting Cole Porter's "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" on the tenor sax? - Sonny Rollins

3. Choose the number, between 0 and 9. The answer is nine (Bill Frisell playing Lennon's #9 Dream.)

4. What's the name of the tune Mongo Santamaría is playing? "In a Gadda-da-Vida"

Congrats to Mary Ellen, and happy birthday to both Dandy and Mary Ellen. Dandy, on the 17th; Mary Ellen, on the 21st.

Catamount Community Radio, Sunday mornings 10-12 (Eastern Coast) on WWCU-FM.

1. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
2. Studio Rio & Sly and the Stone – Family Affair
3. Charles Mingus – Self-Portrait in 3 Colors
4. John Pizzarelli – I Like Jersey Best
5. Keith Jarrett – Blackbird, Bye Bye
6. Bill Charlap – Fantastic Rhyrthm
7. Lake Street Drive – Rich Girl
8. Christian McBride & Roy Hargrove – Baubles, Bangles, and Beads
9. Donny Hathaway – Tryin’ Times
10. Django Reinhardt – Undecided
11. Sonny Rollins – Ev’ry Time We Say Good-bye
12. Nick Lowe – Lately I’ve Let Things Slide
13. Kacey Musgraves – Keep It to Yourself
14. Esbjörn Svensson – Belive, Beleft, Below
15. Ahmad Jamal – We Live in Two Different Worlds
16. Bob Marley – Mr. Chatterbox
17. Joel Fraham – Away from Home
18. Mary Ann McCall – Big Butter and Egg Man
19. Bill Frisell - #9 Dream
20. Anita O’Day – An Occasional Man
21. Duke Ellington – Solitude
22. Nick Lowe – What Lack of Love Has Done
23. Kool Keith – Alpha Omega
24. Count Basie – Bill’s Mill
25. Mongo Santamaria – In-a- Gadda-da-Vida
26. Paul Simon – Question for the Angels
27. Pizzacato Five – Baby Love Child
28. Allen Toussaint – Blue Drag
29. Bobby McFerrin – Jesus Makes it Good



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