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Catamount Community Radio - April 13, 2014

Yesterday while I was preparing my playlists for I accidentally deleted the master playlist, so I started again from scratch, but without paying sufficient attention to the numbers meant for the cover contest. So half the cover contest today was improvised. But we'll get to that.

Yesterday I volunteered as an interpreter at a clinic for farm workers. I don't mind doing that. I haven't really brushed up on my medical terminology, but they have a medical dictionary for that. What I like is chatting with the patients (almost all of whom are Mexicans) while the nurses are consulting with the doctors. Ozzie, one of the other volunteers, let me know that he usually listens to the show and requested some salsa. So I hooked him up. Friday evening I was at a gathering and Eliza lamented that she hasn't been keeping up with the musical scene. I told her that it's no big deal: there is so much music out there that you can always find something new, even if it's old.

My latest discovery is Kasey Musgraves. I saw her perform Wednesday evening. What a refreshing new voice in country music. There are so many cliche-ridden songs these days... You know, pick-up trucks, blue jeans, Friday night football, dirt roads, etc. The idea is glorification of the small town and contempt for the big city. This is all fine, but jeez, it's getting old already. Musgraves' songs are the real deal:

If you ain't got two kids by 21,
You're probably gonna die alone.
Least that's what tradition told you.
And it don't matter if you don't believe,
Come Sunday morning, you best be there in the front row like you're supposed to.

Same hurt in every heart.
Same trailer, different park.

Mama's hooked on Mary Kay.
Brother's hooked on Mary Jane.
Daddy's hooked on Mary two doors down.
Mary, Mary quite contrary.
We get bored, so, we get married
Just like dust, we settle in this town.
On this broken merry go 'round and 'round and 'round we go
Where it stops nobody knows and it ain't slowin' down.
This merry go 'round.

Last Friday it was off to Asheville to indulge in Japanese food and to see Kool Keith, aka Dr. Octagon. So today I felt compelled to spin one of this tunes. Last Sunday, as you recall, I featured Bill Frisell's Lennon album. I meant to play the whole thing, but I skipped a couple. So today I tried to rectify that and played a couple more. Next week when I play "In my Life" I'll have played the whole album.

Jim Dandy wins the cover contest again.

1. RDM, featuring Aquila Rose. Who wrote the song that they're covering? - Joni Mitchell ("Big Yellow Taxi")

2. Loretta Lynn is covering "These Boots are Made for Walking" Who originally had a a hit with it? - Nancy Sinatra

3. What Lennon song is our man Frizzle covering? - "Number 9 Dream"

4. What song is Cornelius covering? - "Brazil"

5. Open-ended question. What's the name of the tune? Who is covering it? Who else has covered it? Who originally had a hit with it? - "Goin' Out of my Head," played by Frizzle. Little Anthony and the Imperials originally had a hit with it in 1964-65. The list of notable people who have recorded it includes Petula Clark, Ella Fitzgerald, The Zombies, Frank Sinatra, Dianne Warwick, Gloria Gaynor, Queen Latifa, Dr. John, and Nancy Wilson.

Catamount Community Radio, it's chaotic, it's free form radio so free as to be almost formless, it's a musical cornucopia (put that in your musical cornucopia and smoke it), it's like two monkeys riding greyhounds in tuxedos while smoking cigarettes. Sunday mornings, 10-12 Sunday mornings on WFMU.

1. Thelonious Monk – Abide with Me
2. Brad Mehldau & Joel Frahm – Away from Home
3. Charles Wright – Express Yourself
4. Ahmad Jamal – We Live in Two Different Worlds
5. RDM w/ Aquila Rose – Big Yellow Taxi
6. Orquesta Aragón – La comparsa
7. Jason Moran – Arizona Landscape
8. Pharrell Williams – Happy
9. Lee Konitz – Fooling Myself
10. Mary Ann McCall – Butter and Egg Man
11. Rubén Blades – Todos vuelven
12. Loretta Lynn – These Boots were Made for Walkin’
13. Cheng Gongliang - Ghu Zu Jun
14. Armen Stepanyan – Es Kisher, Lousnyag Kisher
15. Kasey Musgraves – Keep it to Yourself
16. Bill Charlap – It’s Love
17. Kool Keith – Alpha Omega
18. Bill Frisell – Number 9 Dream
19. Cornelius – Brazil
20. Bruce Springsteen – Hunter of Invisible Game
21. Bill Frisell – Please Please Me
22. The Chavelles – Red Tape
23. Kasey Musgraves – Merry Go-Round
24. Christian McBride & Roy Hargrove – Bauble, Bangles and Beads
25. Anita O’Day – An Occasional Man
26. Luiz Bonfa – Don Quixote
27. Larry Goldings & Harry Allen – The Look of Love
28. Slam Stewart – Close Your Eyes (Shut Your Mouth)
29. Hall & Oates – Thank You for

Kool Keith



I don't think this is the first time I've mistaken Out Of My Head for Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind by the lovin Spoonful. Great Show as Always!

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